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Re: JB Doubles Summer League '10

Postby discdoh on Mon Jul 12, 2010 5:15 pm

I just picked up the 1-Disc Challenge discs from Gateway. The custom JB stamp looks sweet! I am keeping the model a secret until tomorrow...so don't ask! I think everyone will get some use out of the disc after the tournament. It shouldn't neccesarily find its way into your backup box immediately after the round.

A couple things about tomorrow:

There are going to be 5 ACE POOL CTP holes like last week. Each will be worth $30. In order to participate you either must have been a member of the league, or you must have been a paying guest for at least 1 of the weeks. If this is your first time playing with the league, you will not be eligible for these CTPs. This week I will not be collecting $1 for the ACE POOL. FYI - If you hit a natural ACE this week, you do not win the remaining ACE POOL money. Have fun free of charge boys!

There are going to be 50/50 holes. There will be 3 available. The cost is $2/each. Pick 1 for $2, 2 for $4, or all 3 for $6. Anyone can participate. As long as you give me the money, you can participate. If you are in a hurry, I'll even let you go and just throw these holes if you want.

Normally I would not have any 50/50 holes on Week 9. I changed this up because the 1-Disc Challenge discs cost a little more than normal this time around. In order to make up for the difference I need to run this fund raiser. If you are not going to participate in the 50/50 holes, please consider making a donation to the league to help out. All of this money is going to the pizza party. If I don't collect enough donations, I might be forced to ask everyone for a buck or two at the party...or we all just go a little hungry!

As usual, there will be 3 FREE CTP holes as well. Everyone participates on these at no cost. Gateway is our sponsor for this week. Some nice stuff up for grabs!

This means there will be 11 flags on the course today! Please be careful that you only write your name on the flags that you are allowed to. If you didn't pay for the extra 50/50 holes, please leave those flags alone. Thank you!
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Re: JB Doubles Summer League '10

Postby discdoh on Wed Jul 14, 2010 2:57 pm

JB Doubles Summer League '10 Week 9 -
1-Disc Challenge

What a cool sight it was! Everyone walking around with 1 disc they had never thrown before! Well, that and maybe a fully loaded cooler and some assorted disc golfing accessories. This is always my favorite Week 9 activity. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did. A big thanks goes out to Gateway for helping out with this event. In addition to a good deal on all of the discs, Dave also provided the days FREE CTPs. Speaking of the discs, here is a list of all the people that are still owed there custom JB stamped Gateway Wizard:

If your name is on this list, please see me and collect your disc. The sooner I get these out of my trunk, the better!

Jake Thole
Dan Walther
Scott Coleman
Matt McDonald
Rick Johnson
Jay Baird
Greg VanHorn
Ryan Walker
Tim Stadtmiller

The big winners for the round were John "Robo" Ruvalcaba (PRO - shooting a 45 with an ACE on 4A!) and Brian Webb (AM - shooting a 52). Previous to the round, I had stated that any natural ACE would not collect the remaining ACE POOL funds. This part remains true, but I am going to take $40 out of the ACE POOL carry-over for the Summer II league and give it to Robo anyway. I mean, come on, he hit an ACE with a disc that was practically brand new to him! This will leave $52 for the ACE POOL carry-over. Not a bad start!

The other winners for the round were:

ACE POOL CTP #1 Hole 4A - $30 - John "Robo" Ruvalcaba ACE
ACE POOL CTP #2 Hole 6A - $30 - Jeff Dixon
ACE POOL CTP #3 Hole 10A - $30 - John Lloyd
ACE POOL CTP #4 Hole 15B - $30 - David Rose
ACE POOL CTP #5 Hole 18A - $30 - Brian Webb

50/50 #1 Hole 1B - $40 - Josh Henson
50/50 #2 Hole 7B - $40 - Brian Webb
50/50 #3 Hole 12A - $38 - David Rose

FREE CTP #1 Hole 13A - Gateway Wizard Tye-Dye Shirt - Scott Houska
FREE CTP #2 Hole 16A - Gateway Steal Your Face E Sabre - Ben Peterson
FREE CTP #3 Hole 17A - Gateway First Run E Ninja - David Rose
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Re: JB Doubles Summer League '10

Postby discdoh on Wed Jul 14, 2010 3:10 pm

Leftover JB Doubles League Vouchers

If you see your name on either of these lists, please let me know and I will get you your voucher. The voucher is good at any club event and will be good at the end of the next JB Doubles League. All vouchers that remain uncollected at the end of the Summer II League will be used towards the purchase of CTP discs for next year.

Spring League 2010

Cole Pierie - $10
John Schepers - $10
Joe Pona - $10

Summer League 2010

Justin Pyles - $40
Pat Klupe - $40
Matt McDonald - $10
Scott Coleman - $10
Brad Stone - $10
Justin Hickey - $10
Stephen Claggett - $10
Ryan Walker - $10
Tim Stadtmiller - $10
Josh Jones - $10
Greg VanHorn - $10
Ernie McGinnis - $10
Rick Johnson - $10

This should just about do it for this particular discussion board topic. Please start to make your posts on the Summer II thread.

Don't forget, the next league starts next week - July 20th! See you there!
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