The Chainsaw Massacre - Saturday May 8th

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The Chainsaw Massacre - Saturday May 8th

Postby discdoh on Tue May 04, 2010 1:53 pm

There was a bit of an oversight about this tournament. I think we all were so concerned with the Open coming off without a hitch, that we forgot to give this tourney any attention.

This is Roger's baby. It will be happening at Jefferson Barracks DGC this Saturday, May 8th. It is an RCF Ryder Cup Qualifier as well as a Ryder Cup Automatic Bid. Other than these important points, it will be identical in format to all of the other RCF events.

+$3 for non-RCF members

Sign up starts at 8:30 AM
Player's meeting at 9:30 AM
$5 Late Fee applies at 9:31 AM
Tee-Off at 10:00 AM

$1 of the entry fee goes toward the RCF Ace Pool

I am not sure if Roger plans on having any plaques made up or not.
I am assuming lunch will not be provided.
I am not sure if the club merchandise will be made available.

More details to follow soon.
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