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Cali player

Postby Higher Flyer on Sun Mar 14, 2010 11:19 am

Just moved from Califonia a year or so ago to Bonne Terre, MO. West city park is the closest 18 hole course to me and i am not disappointed...After playing most of the courses around Orange county for the last 6 years and adopting The Huntington Beach course as my home course. I must say I really like the course @ WCP... it is alot longer than most cali courses due to realestate cost in SoCal. keeps the overall size smaller there. I've played WCP 4 times so far and lost one disc a friend was throwing to the lake and a set of keys i dropped near the exit getting the harley ready for the ride home..
It is a hard course to follow if you don't know where you are going ...The first time i played there i waited about a hour for a group with discs to tag along with to find out the lay of the course. Everybody was really nice and helpful. GREAT PEOPLE down in Festus!!!!! Alot of intrest in the game from the next generation everybody i talked to wanted to know where i got my discs hopeing it was
I would recommend a map of the course around hole one for new players to get a better idea of where to go. Needs one anyway to post up coming events for the locals....
We'll looking forward to playing more courses in MO as time goes on and meeting some of the local flyers in the area.... :D
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Re: Cali player

Postby REDARMY on Sun Mar 14, 2010 3:24 pm

Welcome to the area. (i think you moved in the wrong direction though) :D

there's 20 or so other courses in the greater St. Louis area, so you've got some exploring to do. :)
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Re: Cali player

Postby emptv on Wed Mar 17, 2010 7:58 am

Disc up Higher Flyer,
Welcome to the greater Saint Louis Region. The Traveling LAKERS invite you to come out and participate in our performances, now on a twice a week basis due to the need for added fun in these tough times. We are a singles league that has our first priority as having FUN! It is $3 to play (if you want a chance to win $ but you don't have to pay to play along), $1 for cumulative hole in 1 pot, $1 for skins for the round, and $1 for the overall for the day. Payout is LAKER style, winner takes all, 2nd place gets to lose first. We do not keep stats from round to round, we are part of a outlaw league that is not sactioned and we are the only traveling singles league in the greater Saint Louis Region. Follow us online in the discussion forum, under the announcements tab.
We hope to see you out soon.

Fly long & prosper!
Bruce C.
The Traveling LAKERS
Lake Saint Louis, 63367
Cell # 314-606-3475
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