JB Fall Doubles League Wacky 9 Singles Tourney - 10/6/09

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JB Fall Doubles League Wacky 9 Singles Tourney - 10/6/09

Postby discdoh on Tue Oct 06, 2009 12:04 pm

JB Fall Doubles League Wacky 9 Singles Tourney - 10/6/09

Sorry it's a bit late for non-leaguers, but make it out if you can. It's always a blast!

JB Fall Doubles League ‘09
Wacky 9 Singles Tournament

Welcome to the last night of JB Doubles League in 2009! I hope everyone had a good time this year!

The Fall session’s Week 9 format is a Wacky 9 Singles Tournament. This tournament is available to ANYONE that wants to play. Non league members will need to donate $5 towards the cause in order to play. This $5 gets you in the tournament and access to the all-you-can-eat pizza party afterwards. Please get a group of 3 people together and head out as soon as you are ready. Mark has masterminded the layout. I think you will find it both fun and extremely challenging! There are copies of the layout available for you to take along. Please, only 1 copy per group.
There are 2 divisions for the tournament – a Pro division and an Am division. Whatever division you played in for the Fall League is the division you play in for the tournament. There will be a personalized plaque for the winner of both divisions. They will be ready by next Tuesday. If you are a winner, come on by the Winter Solstice Singles League and pick up your prize. While you are there, you might as well join the 3-week Winter League too!

After the round, we will have our pizza party and CTJ throwdown. The club merchandise will be available. The food will not be ordered until I am on the way to Cecil Whittaker’s, so don’t get in a big hurry. I will be the last group to finish.

Wacky 9 Layout
Hole 1 – Tee 1 to 8A – MANDO RIGHT OF THE V TREE
Hole 2 – Flag Tee to 2C
Hole 3 – Flag Tee to 5C
Hole 4 – Flag Tee to 7C
Hole 5 – Tee 8 to 14A
Hole 6 – Tee 16 to 11A
Hole 7 – Tee 11 to 18A
Hole 8 – Tee 10 to 1A
Hole 9 – Flag Tee to 18D
Hoppy 2017!
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Re: JB Fall Doubles League Wacky 9 Singles Tourney - 10/6/09

Postby Strange on Wed Oct 07, 2009 9:42 pm

That setup was TOUGH w/ the wind
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