Ripped off.

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Ripped off.

Postby 2hlwf8 on Tue Jul 28, 2009 5:00 pm

I think it's hole 12, on the back nine, from the street almost directly at the apartments, left right left sort of fairway...
Anyway, some nefarious little sacks of sack ripped a couple discs off of myself and a friend on Sunday. Pretty sure, at least. My drive was all but perfect yet, after taking a few minutes finding another friend's shot in the woods immediately adjacent to the tee, it was no where to be found at the bottom of the hill below the basket, where it certainly landed. An orange candy Teebird marked PR will prove me wrong.
Watch your discs.
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Re: Ripped off.

Postby discdork on Tue Jul 28, 2009 6:52 pm

orange candy teebird not to many of those floatin around in the st.louis area im sure some one will see it before long then a good ole fashion ass wuppin should ensue
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Re: Ripped off.

Postby STARFIRE on Mon Aug 10, 2009 9:57 pm

That's funny you mention Hole 12 @ JB....Same thing happened to me, here's the story:

Step up to the tee, thinkin' of an ace, notice three to four young kids sitting on 17 and 13's benches. I told my fellow disc golfers that I was afraid of hittin' them. The basket was on B placement and I stuck it sraight passed the basket up to the right and I was almost certain that I had landed right next to them near a tree. Three more throws and we headed to our lies. Once I arrived there was no disc to be found. I then asked the mischievous looking kids if they had seen a blue disc around the area. They said, "we didn't see nothing." The only kid that didn't answer was sitting down acting strangely...Come to find out he was sitting on my disc, he must've grabbed it up real quick without me seeing. He gave it up after I asked him directly...lil' bastard.

So yeah, watch your discs on 12, them kids up there are con-artists, I tell ya....
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