What's your Favorite, the Best, and the Worst Courses in STL

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Re: What's your Favorite, the Best, and the Worst Courses in STL

Postby Lazerface on Mon Jul 06, 2009 6:18 pm

FAVORITE Endicott, because of its demand for shot variety. It's a great skills builder, and my favorite course for practice.

BEST Sioux, because it is majestic. Big, beautiful holes with a wonderful use of elevation. Not a tremendous demand for shot variety.

WORST Birch, sorry guys but it a little too short to be considered real disc golf. Discs have changed, and Birch hasn't. Fun to go throw the putter around and rack up aces, but my last choice for a round in the area. Then again, I never play Watson, cause it also sucks, and haven't seen Kircher or whatever.

I just got back from a disc golf trip to KC and stopped to play Indian Hills for the first time ont he way. BAD ASS COURSE. I love how the course plays nicely and then punches you in the throat around hole 9. Those were some narrow lines. Only a couple were unfairly tight. If you disagree with me, your wrong. I shot a 53 my first time ever and felt like my disc was flying GREAT that day.
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Re: What's your Favorite, the Best, and the Worst Courses in STL

Postby rfdiscer32 on Tue Jul 07, 2009 9:46 am

Favorite and Best (STL): Sioux Passage___ incredible layout with great elevation. You need the d to score well however it can improve your approach game

Worst: Watson Trails, Bluebird, Schroader, and (sad to say cuz i play there often) White Birch

All Areas Favorites: Sioux Passage, WaterWorks (KC), Blue Valley (KC), Fountain Hills (AZ), Shelly Sharpe Memorial (AZ), Centrailia, Albert Oakland Back course, Binder Lake,Indian Hills, Endicott, Sunset Park (vegas)

Once Unger has some work done to it, I think it will be the best of the stl
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Re: What's your Favorite, the Best, and the Worst Courses in STL

Postby discdork on Tue Jul 07, 2009 4:53 pm

favorite jefferson barracks least favorite watson trails hardest west city
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Re: What's your Favorite, the Best, and the Worst Courses in STL

Postby toledodg1 on Sat Aug 22, 2009 6:11 pm

this is a good area of the website i will have to post one on my local site..

this may have lots of courses from a few states

[u]FAVORITE: [/u]rolling hills(ypsalanti, mich), Ohio Northern University (ADA, OHIO), Endicott, Kennsington( old layout 24 holes they just remade it into a 27 hole course haven't played the new layout). FLIP CITY IN MICHIGAN ( played a tournie there and shot like garbage but for the course all i have to say is wow
BESTottawa park in toledo ohio( had my best ever round of -10 on any course there my norm is usualy the -4 to -2 area

worst: unger just because i couldn't figure out were to start and no sign pads or any idea where to go(hopefully it will change when i come back for the open next year but irwin i would not use that course in the open until it is easier to navigate.

but i would have to say i always love coming to the lou and playng these courses out here


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Re: What's your Favorite, the Best, and the Worst Courses in STL

Postby WELLdaMAN20 on Thu Oct 01, 2009 8:30 pm

Favorite- Unger
Best- Jefferson Barracks
Worst- Schroeder (Manchester)

Unger is my home course and when it is kept up, it is one of the best out there. It has long challenging holes, tight control shots and grip it and rip it shots. It is new but it will be an amazing course and one of the best around in a few years or less. It is really underminded and criticized but well worth playing.

JB is hard or easy depending on the multiple pin locations which gives it multiple differences and layouts so it is never the same course and Mark does a great job with running the course. The people who play there are welcoming and makes it even more of a pleasure to play there everytime.

Schroeder is just way to short and no variety of shots. When I can take a putter and shoot 9 under on a 9 hole course, thats not any fun at all. Even though its 10 minutes away and I have more aces on that course than any, I feel like they are bullshit long putts rather than aces and I only use it to work on short game stuff.
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Re: What's your Favorite, the Best, and the Worst Courses in STL

Postby Laugher on Fri Oct 02, 2009 3:51 am

I think you guys are crazy for picking white birch as the worst course
It is by far my favorite precisely because it is shorter. I like holes where you have a chance at an ace. To me its much more fun to get a 300 foot ace then it is to get a 350 foot drive and 50 foot birdie. Its all about accuracy. A few holes are a bit wimpy, like for instance hole 7. But that's when you have fun with it. Try skipping in a tomahawk instead of a more normal forehand shot. Apart from that, I like the layout, Lots of elevation changes, lots of benches to take a break at, always good people especially at hole 10 break point, lots of shade, well kept.
Runner up for most favorite is Sioux Passage

My least favorite is Creve Coeur, not because it is long but because it is boring. Most of the time you are just in a flat field. Runner up for least favorite is Bluebird.

Most challenging IMO is endicott
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Re: What's your Favorite, the Best, and the Worst Courses in STL

Postby Jorge on Fri Oct 02, 2009 2:03 pm


All good points. I do enjoy white birch for what it is. But when I compare Sioux to Birch, it's like comparing the PGA to minature golf (both can be just as fun, it just depends on what you are looking for, and watch out for that windmill :D )
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