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Tiger Woods Disc Golf

Postby BigAndy on Wed Apr 22, 2009 10:32 pm

In case you havent seen this:


Ignore the exciting advertisement intro
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Re: Tiger Woods Disc Golf

Postby Robbins on Mon Apr 27, 2009 12:05 pm

Very cool... This is a nice move by EA Sports, its going to open up a new market of players to our sport. And if we go to all the video game forums and EA websites and post our comments, opinions and support for the new feature... EA may actually produce a legitimate Disc golf title.
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Re: Tiger Woods Disc Golf

Postby sharkbite on Thu Jun 11, 2009 8:09 am

Well pick up Tiger Woods 10 last night and shot 17 down right out of the box. That being said it's seems kind of easy, even my 9 year old got a bird the first time he played a hole. Putting can be difficult if you are real close to the basket, you hit the top plate and bounce away. If you're 7-15 yards out it's almost a gimme. The biggest thing is throw it flat for the most distance because you can't make your disc pop up and glide by starting the throw with a hyzer. The motion sensor is pretty cool and very responsive. I have yet to try a roller or a big Robo (big hyzer) Doesn't he have a pat. pend on that shot . You can play up to 4 players on 27 different course, but several are locked. Over all it's pretty cool and nice to see the gaming industry recognizing the greatest game ever. If you have an extra $60 get it. I'll try to bring the camper to the Ozarks this fall with it and maybe we can hook up a projector and use the back of the camper as a screen. That would be fun.

On a different note I'm SOOOOOOOO pump up for Phish next tuesday
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Re: Tiger Woods Disc Golf

Postby dehaas on Thu Jun 11, 2009 8:44 am

A few people from the pdga discussion boards said they weren't overly impressed with it either. Said the Tiger Woods half was pretty sweet but the control on the disc golf end needed some work. I guess you can't expect the game to completely realistic on the first try, but what's more important is the thousands of people who are gonna experience the game for the first time and previously knew anything about the sport. Haha for the time being I'd say that's the first priority for the sport, I'd say I can wait a bit longer for a video game that's got a decent control scheme to come out. I dunno if I wanna fork out 60 bucks for this yet, I still have punch out sitting upstairs that I haven't played nearly as much as I should.
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