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Shot a designing a course

Postby gregwil2 on Wed Feb 05, 2014 8:48 pm

There's a nice big park near my house in O'Fallon, IL that I proposed putting in a disc golf park in some unused land. The land was originally planned to have a swimming pool, fitness center and some other things, but the funding isn't there now and not sure when it will be.
The lands not the best for it, because it's almost entirely a wide open mostly flat space. There is some small stream drainage that I tried to utilize in many areas. I tried to make use of a rise in the middle right hand side where some dirt was piled up and now grown over in grass. Finally there was a small lake in the lower right that I put a couple holes in play around it (but not over it). I tried to keep it mostly away from all roads and paths (besides hole 13).
The green line is the "desired" path to the hole. The blue is the OB perimeter of each hole that would be mowed inside and let the grass grow tall outside of that area. The Yellow line is just a walking path to the next hole. The red line is just to get some distances either from other fairways or how far it would be away from the road or walking path. I think I would eventually add a set of red tees that would be shorter and more beginner friendly.
Oh, and I put in a couple "extras" that might be corkey, but needed to spice up the flat boring course a little since there are no trees or elevation. You can click on the tee (white boxes) and see each of the descriptions of the hole.
Here is also the total distance and my par:

Hole Dist Par
1 315 3
2 295 3
3 650 4
4 270 3
5 700 5
6 460 4
7 390 3
8 540 4
9 495 4
Front 9 4115 33
10 265 3
11 315 3
12 260 3
13 345 3
14 295 3
15 410 4
16 460 4
17 490 4
18 375 3
Back 9 3215 30
Course 7330 63 ... SportsPark
Note: Open full screen on the right side to expand to full screen mode for the best view.
What do you think?
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Re: Shot a designing a course

Postby Chris K on Thu Feb 06, 2014 10:26 am

The design looks good, Greg. Changes to consider:
I like golf courses that have 1 and 10 near the parking lot. Dropping off a layer of clothes or grabbing a fresh water bottle after 9 holes makes for a more enjoyable round of golf.
I also like holes that from previous pin to next tee, leads to the red tees and not the longest blue tees. That is, I prefer to walk away from the reds to play the blues instead of the other way around. This also helps newbies feel better about their game; 'The big dogs play from back there (I'm not there yet)' rather than, ' Let's walk up to the red tees (whimper)'.
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Re: Shot a designing a course

Postby MADDISC on Thu Feb 06, 2014 1:07 pm

It looks like there are some trees out there around hole 11 12 13 14 I would like to see some of the basket placements in the woods instead of out in the open. You could also put some closer to the ob or the water for a little excitement on your up shots.
Just my 2 cents.
Otherwise it looks good.
Also you can always plant trees bushes or make elevated pins and or tee pads.
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Re: Shot a designing a course

Postby gregwil2 on Thu Feb 06, 2014 1:59 pm

Thanks for the feedback guys! I would defaintly incorporate the ideas, however....

I send the same thing to the parks dept and they got back to me real quick. The like the idea, but unfortunately are planning on using the middle of the area to dig out a lake in the next year. So for now it is a no-go until at least that is finished. They said after it is done then submit another plan and it might be a possibility.

They had previously though about putting on in Rock Springs Park (no, not the Alton one - But after more feedback though, that park was determined to be more of a casual walking park with side trails and didn't want to disturb it.

So I guess back to the drawing board for some other location.
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