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Re: Castlewood

Postby Dantastic on Thu Oct 03, 2013 5:00 pm

Most in the country!? Have you not seen Dallas texas or charlotte NC? I just visited Charlotte where they held the worlds and there are a ton of AMAZING courses. Castlewood would be an awesome spot for a course the only problem would be flooding haha.
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Re: Castlewood

Postby Lazerface on Thu Nov 21, 2013 4:22 pm

Don't let the naysayers stop you guys. There are is no such thing as a defenitive "no" for the parks you are listing. There are so many issues to consider....but number one is politics. There is nothing stopping you guys with coming up with a detailed plan and presentation to give in front of the parks department for a course installation. A lot of people want to say it will never happen, but that is bullshit. If you present the right plan with the right approach, to the right people...YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN. I of course am not speaking from experience, cause I have never done a course proposal, but am just making more of a general statement. Happens at my job all the time. ....You wont get will never happen...bla bla bla....and I have proven people wrong so many times.

One thing I would steer clear of is getting to many pots in the fire. We almost lost the Bridgeton installation because of bullshit internal politics that made our club/volunteers look like a bunch of disorganized sapps.

Also, don't let people fool you into thinking you have to be a genuis to design a great disc golf course. We all have 2 legs and Google Earth. I have played a ton of private and public courses desinged by first timers that are world class. There are a ton of good articles and info on course design.

If a local club or anyone else tells you its a lost cause then don't involve them. If you get the approval on an installation I guarentee they will facilitate the install. Keep the discussion going boys!!!!!! If you build it...they will come.
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