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Re: 4 Club Showdown, Sept 7 Sat

Postby mkane on Wed Sep 04, 2013 2:27 am

Supporting disc golf is what this is about, last year it seemed that Jimbo got the upper hand on PDGA Cop, both are very competitive and that its good, both are kind of flirting as glory hounds too. What we have here is a genuine dog fight in which if you keep your eye on fun and competition, you can see that PDGA Cop had circumvented Jimbo so he could get the upper hand. I think it is wonderful to have this kind of banter, you can finally see how poised PDGA Cop is to win this thing.
The rules are a bit tight at the fiduciary end as would be expected, heck I once saw PDGA Cop turn coal onto a diamond he is so intent on winning. Conversely I have seen Jimbo stack random draws just so he could keep all the winnings to himself.
But that is simply because in their own way they want this to be a success, even if it is interpreted as overzealous. But certainly if you don't buy tags to support the clubs then don't ask to play, it is pretty simple.
I like the one round action good call, great course great concept, thank you PDGA Cop andJimbo
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Re: 4 Club Showdown, Sept 7 Sat

Postby TSULLY on Wed Sep 04, 2013 7:36 am

Conversely I have seen Jimbo stack random draws
- yikes - that's never a good thing!!!!
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Re: 4 Club Showdown, Sept 7 Sat

Postby mkane on Thu Sep 05, 2013 12:44 pm

I had to make this a two part message, the first a background shot, the discussion to follow.....Enjoy, and come out it will be worth it! Today I had the pleasure discussing this weeks upcoming 4 Club Showdown with last years and this years captains of the RCF & SCDGC. I wanted to talk about this upcoming event and its significance.  Historically many remember the Crosstown Rumble, a regional event.  Today it is now four clubs, the RCF our hub of disc golf, possibly the biggest club in the nation. The SCDGC the western spoke, The SOILLDGC the eastern spoke, and JCSDGC the southern spoke of our St. Louis wheel of good fortune. This metamorphosis of disc golf arrived when the RCF acknowledged the need for expansion, and the realization that one or two guys can't get it done without the help from volunteers to step up and make things happen. In the last year so much has happened, clubs corresponding to coordinate events., The creation of a ratings system has been implemented. TD  compensation and recruitment, is showing promise. Preregistration and membership can be bought on line and hopefully plans for a reasonable way for bundling memberships may soon occur. Tourneys and leagues are filling up because people stepped up and volunteered. This wave of volunteerism significantly improved course improvements, and course development.  But lets not think we are done, and please adopt a course, or just help by volunteering; the benefits outweigh the liabilities. But this weekend, in what I hope to be the first of what we could consider a regional major event is the 4 Team Showdown. The 4 club event  last year was nearly a no go, at first"epic fail" was what an earlier a quote described pretourney options. But the fire of good fun, shenanigans, freakish right wing-like rule obsession and the fiscal fisting power of a transexual dominatrix, came together against all odds make this event happen.  Retired RCF president Chris "PDGA COP" Kinsella, still had a little in his tank, and SCDGC stalwart Jim "Jimbo" Nelms would not walk away from an opportunity. Unknowingly these two began something special, controversy without Gateway at the center.....Amazingly what they created was a good old fashioned rivalry, not the kind where teams are involved, because many players have more than one affiliation (tags, the key to eligibilty). But a battle of reputation, a measurement of character. Yes it seemed to all that the mighty RCF, powered by the efficient, calculating wizard of disc golf rule interpretation, would once again reign over the region. He quickly assembled his army assessed the economic stability of his club, vetted out the rule-breakers and within hours his army was assembled. Victory was at hand, the trophy was purchased, but like every quality wheel, its power is reliant on its spokes. These little spindly things, alone so fragile, but grouped symmetrically around a solid hub, anything could happen, and it did happen. The crafty Nelms, allegedly infiltrated PDGA Cop's ranks (though unproven), like a mis-swallowed ibupropen Kinsella, still holds a taste in his mouth as bad as an unsold, overpriced hot dog, watched helplessly as Jimbo slithered away into the night bringing the next day realization his army was light.  But it wasn't only Jimbo the abducter, it was also Jimbo the Bill Belecheck of match play. Scoring techies claim it was a custom pairing, and the keen use of his alternates, that enabled Jimbo to engineer a David-like victory over the Goliath-like Giant, the mighty RCF. Meanwhile it has been a year, PDGA Cop has writhed in anguish, the searing vision still in his mind of the triumphant SCDGC club carrying off the man known as coach "Jimbo the giant slayer" In the past year, he has stradegized new and stronger rules, more increased costs to gain revenue to build his army, new courses to train more intensely with the intent to crush this "Jimbo".  
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Re: 4 Club Showdown, Sept 7 Sat

Postby Lazerface on Thu Sep 05, 2013 2:25 pm

:lol: Mark, I love you and that is some funny shit. I did not go to this event last year, but now all the previous post are making sense. I do think this event is all about friendly competition, and really kind of enjoy the idea of scouting and recruitment, but don't want anyone to feel betrayed. Maybe that's why Jim invited me to the strip club and a steak dinner last weekend. Who knows, the whole night was a blur. Now I know why he punched me in the kidney and said "all this for nothing" after I told him I was not current with the SCCDGC. Oh well, I guess I'll play for STL. Nothing against St. Chuck, it's where Disc Golf all started with me. I just don't get a chance to play a lot of disc golf these days and have not made it out to the west side for an event in quite some time. (the story above is fake - wouldn't think I have to mention that, but some of you guys on here get pretty intense and take stuff very literally)

There is no way to really balance the competition here guys. I would like to think when the time comes and if a team needs some guys we will try to be fair as possible and switch things around with integrity. Regardless, if your attending the event be prepared for last minute changes and shuffling, it's unavoidable. I don't care about payouts or stacked teams. I just want to beat some ass and be like. "Yea, I just beat your ass"...then have some beers. Bragging rights is harmless fun. If your ego cannot handle that, then don't show up. Because if you really do take regional disc golf pride seriously, well then you should re-assess your entire life.

See you guys out there.
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Re: 4 Club Showdown, Sept 7 Sat

Postby Stubborn Puppet on Thu Sep 05, 2013 6:10 pm

I would like to amend one thing - over the last two years, the "RCF" has been separated, terminology wise, from the "St. Louis Disc Golf Club." How it is being approached these days is that the St. Louis Disc Golf Club is just one of the four members of the RCF. This allows for something of an umbrella organization representing times when the SCCDGC, SharpshootersDGC, SICG and STLDGC all work together. The St. Louis Open and the 4 Club Showdown are examples of RCF events, where the four clubs are working together :D

Ideally, I think that myself and many others, would like to see that a person who chooses to join all four clubs would then also receive a special RCF tag. This would be a true badge of honor, the sign of a true supporter of local disc golf, something that a player could really display with pride. 8-) I can think of no better/easier incentive to encourage players to go the extra step to really making a big difference. It certainly speaks to my inner collector as well; I would be far more likely to want to cough up $20 or $40 more so that I could go ahead and get that free tag and that elite feeling that I was truly a River City Flyer.

Independently, we may stand. Together we stand mighty :!:
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Re: 4 Club Showdown, Sept 7 Sat

Postby mkane on Thu Sep 05, 2013 7:54 pm

Following is the discussion with Jimbo, I am very appreciative of his quick response, an inevitable trait of a mover and shaker, conversely at the time of this printing, PDGA Cop, still has not been able to respond.

Q. What is the cost of a lost tag for scdgc?

Jimbo. $5 lost tag st Charles club gets bigger by the day.

Q. Is combining memberships a good idea?  eg. 80 bucks for all for tags?

Jimbo. Never would I combine tag with all clubs.

Q. On shot, after reading my historic recall of last year, what comes to mind most, relative to a rivalry between you and Chris?

Jimbo. I don't have a team as of right now nor am I really over pursuing one to be honest. I have feelers out  to see who wants to play; don't really care.  

Q. Does it give him an advantage, and do you think pdga cop is to aggressive with his rule making?

Jimbo. Due to the rule changes by the sore loser I lost a ton of interest in the event.

Q. With only a week did you think you could put together such a dream team?

Jimbo. Just because you type a name and put it online don't mean they really are playing for you. I may take all rec players to play. Not sure there

Q. Are other clubs contenders this year
Jimbo. I don't care who wins as long as its not RCF.

Q. This year with new rules made do you think Kinsella can beat you?

Jimbo. The best part of it all is he is doing the same thing right now, forming his team the team that I put together last year!

Q. Final words, predictions of first second third fourth?

Jimbo. If he can't pull it off with the largest club in the nation he should retire for damn sure.

Well there you have it, last years team captain champion, speaking his mind, not revealing much on this years strategy, and very open about his Rival!

 This year things may change, but like last year, if you don't play to win, you probably won't.

PDGA Cop, time is running out get me those answers.

Remember one round this Saturday get out there and enjoy the benefits of being a club member! The Puppet hit the nail on the head!
United much better than divided!
And again much thanks to my friends, Chris and Jim for being good sports who can laugh at and with each other.
ThenThen tell each other they beat your ass today and be out on the course the next day with shovel in hand working shoulder to shoulder to make this one of the best places in the world to play disc golf.
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Re: 4 Club Showdown, Sept 7 Sat

Postby magic on Thu Sep 05, 2013 8:11 pm

What can I say??? I don't think some of this needs to be in a public forum...
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Re: 4 Club Showdown, Sept 7 Sat

Postby Scooter on Thu Sep 05, 2013 10:00 pm

Joe "Bison" Bryson here this is the JCS team so far in no particular order
1. Joe Bryson
2. Karl Hochstatter
3. Rickie Wells
4. Tim Conley
5. Andy Roden
6. John Manion*
7. Mark "Boogie" Eastwood
8. Kyle Breuer
9. Alan Amos
10. Scott Eckl
11. Tim Lucas
12. A.J Evans
13. Jake Harrison
14. Aaron Walther
15. Zack Johnson
16. Gary Polkinghorne
17. Bob Lenau
JCS# 42
RCF# 221
Cuvvy# 28
Chain Gang# 63
Centralia# 14
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Re: 4 Club Showdown, Sept 7 Sat

Postby Chris K on Thu Sep 05, 2013 10:07 pm

The Captains and I felt some rules should be modified;
1) Only current club members may play. You must be a 2013 member by Aug 26, 2013 (posting of the event), of one of the RCF clubs to play in this event.
2) Waive the $20 membership fee to play for another club. Therefore the total cost to play is $20.
3) Captains may only hand pick players from their own clubs.
4) Players may play for any team from the Alternates pool (draft). Alternates pool are those players picked by a Captain but not a member of their club and those overflow players willing and able to play to fill out the field.
5) Captains pick from the pool in turn (doesn't matter who brought them to the Alternates pool). The order is inverse of how the team finished the year before, i.e. SICG picks first then, JCS, STL and SCC. If a player refuses a team, they are disqualified. This pool is used to better and/or fill a team.
6) Add a women's card; each club fills a women's spot. This is not mandatory this year (late notice) but highly encouraged
7) May add additional holes if necessary
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Re: 4 Club Showdown, Sept 7 Sat

Postby Chris K on Thu Sep 05, 2013 10:15 pm

STL team so far;
St Louis

1 -- Jim Misuraca -- 10.34
2 -- Roger Reyes -- 10.28
3 -- Gary Suarez -- 10.25
4 -- Mike Oliveras -- 10.16
5 -- Zach Williams -- 10.14
6 -- Greg Dohogne -- 10.02
7 -- Steve Bagnard -- 10
8 -- Robert Sotta -- 9.86
9 -- Joe Jaegers -- 9.69
10 -- Chris Kinsella -- 9.64
11 -- Tom Williams -- 9.6
12 -- Tom Murdick -- 9.54
13 -- Mickey LoBaido -- 9.52
14 -- Atti Baz-Dresch -- 9.46
15 -- Jason Samuelson -- 9.46
16 -- Nic LaBanca -- 9.13
17 -- Bob Waidmann -- 9.05
18 -- J.C. Lightle -- 8.84
19 -- Mike Reynolds -- 8.78
20 -- Jason Service -- 8.54
21 --
22 -- --
23 -- --
24 -- --
25 -- --
26 -- --
27 -- --
28 -- --
29 --
30 --
If you want to play this event, please email me at stlouisdiscgolfclub@gmail.com and I'll add you to the list. Thanks
Chris K
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