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Postby Andyli 78 on Tue Sep 03, 2013 12:58 am

What happen to all the baskets. Why were they all raised. It makes the baskets garbage. The chains shouldn't sit in the basket folded up. The baskets are now terrible. When I was there a handful of people said something about them.
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Re: Chains

Postby Golfer X on Tue Sep 03, 2013 11:33 am

I don't understand. Have they been vandalized? Do you have a pic of one you could post?
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Re: Chains

Postby jeffthrow6892 on Tue Sep 03, 2013 3:09 pm

Umm.......what are you talking about here?? I was at Sioux yesterday, everything was normal with all the baskets...... :?
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Re: Chains

Postby scorekeeper on Tue Sep 03, 2013 6:23 pm

If anyone Has any type of issues with the conditions of Sioux Passage 's disc golf course they should direct them to me Francis Albanese 314 330 0045
Don't post things in the evening call me as soon as you see anything odd or out of place

As for the chains on the baskets
the inner ring of chains are weighted with a solid metal ring at the bottom of said chains which allows the disc to be stopped with out the inner chains slapping the disc back out of the basket

and those chains are clearly not resting in the bottm of the basket

Again if you find anything out of place call me first before posting on the web site

:D :lol: :D OUT !
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