Can we finish it?

Bridgeton, MO

Can we finish it?

Postby clanger on Thu Aug 15, 2013 5:30 pm

I've only played this course twice but have played enough courses to know there is some tweaking needing to be done. 1. the pads need to be poured. Some of the pads according to the blocks need to be moved left or right a little or even back a little and poured. 2. the signs need to be installed. We spent alot of extra time trying to locate pins. As anyone who has ever played this course knows thats not easy as most pins cannot be seen from the pads. We need to remeasure everything so the signs show the correct distance to each pin location. On a few holes depending on the pin placement I thought the par should of changed???? 3. I would like to see the sign posts in the same spot off the pads either the right or left which ever the situation dictates. 4. Get the bag hangers on the poles. 5. I would like to tweak a couple of pin locations. 6. Fix all the areas with steps with something more permanent. 7. Some of the trees need trimming off some pads as I'm sure some of those openings have closed up more since course installation. I guess I've spilled over into course maintenance. I love this course, as it will probably bring out all your shots, and consider it my home course.
I would like to take some spray paint, measuring wheel and a small group of club members who consistantly play here and are OK'd by the club and go through it hole by hole and get pads and posts marked and pins measured and maybe address some of our other concerns along the way and finish it.
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Re: Can we finish it?

Postby Chris K on Mon Aug 19, 2013 7:21 pm

You've got my support, Clanger. I don't play Carrollton very often but you are correct, it is not finished. We volunteers are at heart, discgolfers. I don't want to mow my own lawn much less than doing lawn maintenance at a disc golf course. That said, I will give up 4 hours at a time to work on a specific project. And, as I get older, I get a bit of satisfaction helping grow the sport by chipping in and working on a course. Who knows, maybe we will be remembered fondly for the volunteer work we did. Come to the next board meeting, Monday Sept 9, 6p at Schlafly's Bottleworks (may change). Carrollton though is more a Bridgeton golf course than a Club golf course. We have a 2 year agreement with Bridgeton using our baskets and experience. Bridgeton is building a walking path and other amenities (bathrooms/shelter and dog park included) in the near future. They are digging up most of the roads. This course will change a few times before the final version is in place. The City of Bridgeton also has the wherewithal to pour tee pads when the time comes. There is, however, the knowing of how slowly governments move, many years in some cases. In some cases, our Club moves slowly too. Personalities, agendas, vendors, funds take time to align.
Chris, a lot of the points you make don't require much money and will make a big difference towards enjoying the course. It's good to see you back and working on a disc golf course:)
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Re: Can we finish it?

Postby Stubborn Puppet on Mon Aug 19, 2013 8:40 pm

Thanks Chris K., I thought I had replied to this with something similar a few days ago... dunno what happened.

I just wanted to echo that most of the stall in progress at Carrollton has indeed been a City of Bridgeton issue. They have a lot of big plans for the park, but don't seem to have the funding to make it happen. Since there is not much in the way of certainty about the courses future... Bridgeton has not committed any funding, has not approved any further development at the course... well, you get the idea.

I, too, love playing Suburbia (Carrollton) and really wish it was finished (or at least making progress). I hope things can change soon.
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