**Winter League**

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Re: **Winter League**

Postby scorekeeper on Sat Feb 28, 2009 5:31 pm

Todays Round was cold and windy Matt R. and Chris A. shot 56 Drake S. and Francis A. shot 61 Feb.28 2009 Week 13
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Re: **Winter League**

Postby gflap on Sat Feb 28, 2009 6:24 pm

Hey scorekeeper, my birthday is coming up in march. How about placing those pins in the old man (51), short armed, girly positions so I can have a chance at shooting 10 over. Also can I get a waiver for any OBs I may land. One other thing, I need added drop zones just to piss off andrew majesky.
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Re: **Winter League**

Postby irwinje on Sat Feb 28, 2009 11:26 pm

Thanks for running the league for me today Francis. I posted the C-Tier pin locations in the tournaments section when you've got a chance to check them out.
Next week, March 7th, will be the last week of the Winter League at Sioux Passage. I want to thank everyone that has come out and played. Its been a lot of fun and successful enough that I'm happy to run it again next winter. So, since I organized the league to give people something to do over the winter and to prepare for the C-Tier, next week we're playing singles. It will still be $6/person and anyone that shows up can win that money. However the $122 Ace Pool is only on the line for people that have accumulated at least 5 points over the 13 weeks we've been out there. Here is a list of people that are eligible to win the ace pool money.
1st Irwin: 37
2nd Chris Albanese: 28
3rd Matt Radtke: 25
4th Bryan Johnson: 14
5th Tom Williams: 13
6th Grant Goodrich: 11
7th Francis Albanese: 10
8th Zack Williams: 9
9th Brian Abernathy: 8
10th Bob Bailey/Drake Scott/Ryan Berilla: 7
11th Jerry Barklage/Craig VanNess: 6
12 Steve Bagnard/Morgan Hart/Mark Bradshaw: 5
Every 7 points earns you a mulligan for our round next week. Unused mulligans at the end of the round will be subtracted from the player's total score.
The ace pool money will be divided between the top 4 finishers
1st: $45
2nd: $35
3rd: $25
4th: $15
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Re: **Winter League**

Postby irwinje on Sat Mar 07, 2009 11:40 pm

Final Week: 3.7.09
Thanks to everyone that came out for a day of singles at Sioux
John Kister: 60
Ryan Robbins: 62
Bryan Johnson: 62
Ben Hart: 65
Morgan Hart: 66
Francis Albanese: 66
Chris Albanese: 67
Jerry Barklage: 67
Joe Hart: 67
Jeff Irwin: 69
Steve Bagnard: 69
Ray Vuichard: 69
Matt Radtke: 71
Eric Twedell: 71
Drake Scott:74
Chris Lane: 90
Bob Behle: DNF
Final league standings
1st: B. Johnson
2nd: C. Albanese
3rd: J. Irwin
4th: Francis/ Morgan
5th: J. Barklage
6th: M. Radtke
7th: S. Bagnard
8th: D. Scott
1: J. Irwin
2: S. Bagnard
3. C. Albanese
4. B. Behle
5. S. Bagnard
6. R. Robbins
7. R. Robbins
8. R. Robbins
9. J. Irwin
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