Revised PDGA Rules for 2013

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Revised PDGA Rules for 2013

Postby Richard~Cheese on Tue Mar 05, 2013 12:05 am

As most players may already know the PDGA rules have been revised as of Jan 1st 2013. A good FREE downloadable version is available at That way you can have em on your phone & with you at all times. Also one of our own local STL Open Womens Division/NT Tour players Sarah Hokom is gracing the cover. With her classic forehand flick shot. Chalk one up for the girls of STL Disc Golf. Way to go Sarah.
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Re: Revised PDGA Rules for 2013

Postby Puck'n'Disc5 on Tue Mar 05, 2013 9:26 pm

Thanks for the update. I know this is from last year, so I am not sure how many have seen this video, but since this thread has to do with rules, I figured I would post it here. For anyone that plans on playing in any PDGA events, I would highly recommend watching.

Scroll down to the bottom and the video should be posted there.


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Re: Revised PDGA Rules for 2013

Postby gregwil2 on Mon Mar 11, 2013 9:45 pm

Be sure to read up on the Mando rule changes. I know that was a hot topic last year in some events
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