Lindenwood Open - SCCDGC - June 16th

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Lindenwood Open - SCCDGC - June 16th

Postby magic on Fri May 11, 2012 1:06 pm

Lindenwood Open
2012-06-16 Lindenwood Open.jpg
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Postby mkane on Mon May 28, 2012 9:42 am

Here is the next event presented by the St. Charles Disc Golf Club:

Let me take a few moments of your time to give you the skinny on this tourney:

Historically the past several years this date has been extremely hot! There will be plenty of ice water available throughout the course. I am looking for volunteers who have five-gallon water jugs that we can use for this date.

Women, the time is now to play. In the past you have been a minority; this tourney is your chance to bring a friend and let us get the ball rolling! All of you who know me know I am not afraid to take your disc golf ideas and make them a reality: i.e. The Bluebird Series, The Throwdown @ the Ridge, Creating teamwork between clubs, etc. Here the idea is to insure that women get involved in this sport by providing tourney venues that provide a course layout and tourney for you to participate. I am hoping that this is the first step to making this sport work for all of us not just the male dominated population of this sport.

How can we accomplish this? Starting with the entry fee, if you are a female member of the St. Charles Disc Golf Club your entry will be half price, 10 dollars not 20 dollars. I have seen many women out there playing but they just do not show up at the tourneys! Look I think this niche is important to the survival of disc golf, and I believe that if you get out here and play, you will find many women that would like to play given the right circumstances.

Lindenwood is a great opportunity to test the waters; the course is a combination of holes that are reachable, technical and some occasional long holes. The average tee shot is probably less than 300 feet, the course is immaculate, and suits all skill levels.

So all you men who think you have the next great women disc golfer, please convince them the time is now, to see how they can compete in a tournament atmosphere. My goal is to have at least 10 women attend this event, if we can meet that goal, then I will pursue your interests up to and including a women’s PDGA Event. The disc is in your basket, the seed sown and this disc golf farmer is hoping it will grow with your help.

Post your questions here or on the St. Charles DGC Facebook page.
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Re: Lindenwood Open - SCCDGC - June 16th

Postby mkane on Thu May 31, 2012 12:21 pm

Teddy I had to log in just to tell you thanks!
That is really cool to be able to get the weekly event reminder and click on the event I want to know about and be taken right to this thread. Hat's Off to you and your hard work!

Speaking of hard work, The Lindenwood Open on June 16th, keep linked in, go ahead and post if yer gonna play, thanks!
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Re: Lindenwood Open - SCCDGC - June 16th

Postby Bison on Thu Jun 07, 2012 10:53 am

I will be there
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Lindenwood Open - SCCDGC - June 16th

Postby emptv on Sat Jun 09, 2012 11:25 am

Disc up,
LAKERland will be there as well, as always offering you refreshments, snacks, supplies, and a shaded spot to go over the safety rules, and we will be having at least one 50/50 cash drawing. Always a good time in LAKERland. :mrgreen:

Fly long & prosper!
Bruce C.
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Re: Lindenwood Open - SCCDGC - June 16th

Postby magic on Thu Jun 14, 2012 11:37 am

A bit of a change from the flyer. Lunch will be available from King Edwards Chicken. For $3 you will get 2 pieces of chicken and 2 sides (mashed potatoes and cole slaw).

I'd also bring a chair with you since there won't be any at the course. We will be setting up in the shaded area near hole 1, so there there will be plenty of space to throw down your chair and chow down on some chicken in the shade.

Please remember this event has a 9 AM start time. Be there by 8:45 at the latest.
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Re: Lindenwood Open - SCCDGC - June 16th

Postby mkane on Thu Jun 14, 2012 1:32 pm

Well it is almost here Saturday June 16th:
PDGAer’s; for the big money go north and play the Old Fort Open in Fort Madison, Iowa my good friend John Shaw has upped the ante by at least 1000 bucks.

Another PDGA Tourney is the Effingham Open but 5 spots left, pdga registration site is "shut off". any one interested call me @ (217)821-2709. or e-mail to

I found out about all this on the RCF’s most excellent weekly update, if you don’t subscribe to this information gem you are missing out big time. It may just look like a simple e-mail, but when it opens it is a hyper-link-o-rama baby! Hell there is even a tourney in KC, and it is all just one click away.

But of course your local disc golf clubs aren’t going let you down this weekend! We would never make you feel as if ;“… man I kaint even play in no tourney”. Put down those doldrums of disappointment and pick up that competitive spirit! It is time to throw in that Rocky/Bagger Vance/Any Major Sporting Event that Cleveland is not playing in DVD and get yourself Pumped up for the:

That is right, a local tourney for you, the local disc golfer. It is here that you will be among the highest disc golfers in the area. Lindenwood Golf Course, of course, has the highest elevation of any courses in the area, it is that thin air and left over knowledge still wafting and drifting throughout campus and intriguing local players like you to come and play in this tourney.
I have spread word to all the great women golfers that this tourney will be the beginning of the growth of women’s disc golf in this area. I have informed the many great golfers who’s names fill the RCF TOP 100, I have scoured my own personal top 100 list (of people I know I can beat), and I have proclaimed this date:
the day all golfers with gusto must go!

I will have the honorable Ted Spies inject a scorecard into this thread, of which I can comment on some of the very secrets the pros use to get those under par scores every day! This is just one bargain that you the local disc golfer can capitalize on when you play this weekend, but don’t think that is all…..

And yet there is still more, that is right Food will in fact be available as Andy Majesky and Corey Obrien from Slik have already announced. Being based in a shady area near hole 1 the spear-like sun rays will have no effect on us as we enjoy a meal well made.

And yet there is still more, the RCF has Donated by special request by me, the fair skinned freckly one, Zanfel (2 tubes) will be in the CTP Package!

And yet there is still more, Derrick Green has Donated a ABC POOL Hall Gift Card; good for hours of Pool with your best buddies!

And yet there is still more, SKINS is the name of the game, as is everyone’s favorite; the 50-50 cash CTP 2 of those!

And yet there is still more, LAKERLAND will be out on the course, see the incredible selection of items befitting a Laker as Bruce opens the door to Lakerland!

I could go on with so many more items, but then all the other players going out of town will cancel their plans and invade our local access disc golf tourney, let this be our secret. Only tell this to 72 of your closest friends and that’s all ;-O.
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Re: Lindenwood Open - SCCDGC - June 16th

Postby fairweather_fan on Thu Jun 14, 2012 6:45 pm

I don't know about 'honorable'- but i am good looking! Courtesy of Mark Kane, below are the aforementioned pieces of eye candy (eye Kane-dy?) to whet one's whistle for this weekend's SCCDGC event...the River City Ratings for the tourney should be posted on Sunday or Monday. Shoot 'em up!

Ted Spies

Lindenwood Open - Holes 1 - 18.JPG

Lindenwood Open scorecard - 2012.JPG
aka 'teddy ballgame'
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Re: Lindenwood Open - SCCDGC - June 16th

Postby mkane on Fri Jun 15, 2012 11:07 am

Ted I can't express enough appreciation, thanks again for your prompt actions. Now viewing the Lindenwood overhead, you can see three sections:

1. Holes 1-4 The Technical Birdie Sector
Hole 1 &2
You must birdie these 2, but the trees protect the baskets the road and the ob lines that narrow your view may deter you from this goal. I recommend what the Pros say, “if you two it, you will get a birdie.”
Hole 3
A great drop shot: the elevated tee pad hovers 25 feet above the hole, the hole protected from the right by a tree. The OB lines leave a generous amount of room to make this shot count. Be sure to steal a glance at the basket for hole 4 when you are heading to basket 3. Looking to your left, you will find it tucked into the woods nearly 270 feet from #4’s tee box.
Hole 4
The Lindy Wrap Around – Teeing off from the sidewalk and giving a flavor of just what this course will be like once we put in concrete pads; the player must think left-handed-minded. Drive your shot to follow the contour of the woods, (it is only 275 feet max) but beware; those woods are deeper and thicker than Nick Misuraca’s hair and beard.

2. Holes 5-11 - The Arming Sector
Hole 5 is a wonderful tunnel shot, shady and enclosed; this tomblike tee pad furrows forward for a good 50 ft before it breaks open into the fairway. Trying to crush it to get a 2 is possible; but miss it and you will pay as the crag work of thistle, sticks and lumber suffocate any effort to escape. Pro advice, “I take my truest disc that has gotten me where I am today, and I throw it out of the tunnel and git in the fairway, I can always make the 89-footer fer a 2!”
Hole 6 is an ace run; you must score a 1 here to be eligible for stardom, fame and perhaps a few dollars if any players in your group are in the 51 club.

With Holes 1-6 done you have finished the technical birdie sector of Lindenwood Disc Golf Course. We move on to the Arming Sector of the course:
Hole 7
Begins with LakerLand nearby to help celebrate the aces from hole 6, be sure to enter in the 50-50 drawings be sure to find out how the intricacies will be performed as LakerLand makes its own rules. A Pro once told me, “Your not the boss of me” and then I knew……
Hole 7 a 440 plus foot driver that pumps you out to the middle section of the course where even a good drive could leave you lurching as the basket sits fortified with a tree force perimeter. It will take all you savvy to 3 this tin cup.
Hole 8 tee pad meanders downhill from 7’s Basket and sits a mere 288 ft from basket #8. A subtle uphill lay forces you to understand the importance of what it means to stay level with the stroke that you will take. As one Pro once informed me, “Staying level is driving with your body to create the whip that snaps the disc to where you throw it and not suck”. If this advice does not work out for then perhaps you will curse me under your breath as you realize the fairways will be marked to force you to stay in them.

Hole 9 the longest hole on the course is just that, shut up and throw time and time again.
Hole 10 and 11 finish off the Arming Sector of the course with very good looks at 2’s but be careful my brothers and sisters 350ish downhill and 320ish uphill respectively, don’t over or under throw it.
Finishing the arming sector the player enters the final torrid section we call the (I honestly don’t know who calls these names as I am making it up as I go): Technical Gut-Check Sector. Players who gained through the arming sector or who had fallen behind in the technical birdie sector can only endure this final determining section of the course.

Finding Hole 12 , To add to the mind numbing sensation is the ubiquitous walk from 11 to 12. Walk towards the tennis courts and stay clear of the basket#15 on your right. A discs flight stopped with your face or head will make you wish you had. The tee pad is at the corner of tennis courts and marked for all to see.
Holes 12, 13, 14 and 15 is a technical section that words cannot describe, enjoy and remember what one pro said to me, “Only the owner of ones pain can truly enjoy it to its fullest extent.” When the strokes begin to befuddle your score another key point, remember what I will expose to you: “Pain does build character.”
So you have escaped through hole 15, character still in tact; move again towards the tennis courts and head towards the lake. This is a new pin placement only several days old, the tee pad is my choice as TC Brown is not in town, but don’t frown or get down you will like this uphill blind shot of around 250 plus feet.
Moving on to 17 and 18; they are the original design; very easy laid out holes. Except 17 is downhill around 330ish into the lake, oh yean and 18 has a lake all along the right side. Imagine, as you stare at the lake from either tee pad, knowing that if you miss this shot, don’t follow through enough, or too much, that your favorite disc will go flying into the water and you will be able to do nothing. Like a Pro said to me once, “Shut the ***k up and play already!”
I hope that you will be there tomorrow; it will be hot, but we will start early, 9AM.

M. Kane
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Re: Lindenwood Open - SCCDGC - June 16th

Postby magic on Fri Jun 15, 2012 12:04 pm

Here is the current registration list. I'll continue to update as more names come in. Field is capped at 72 players.

1. Albanese, Francis
2. Allison, Michael
3. Bailey, Eric
4. Barklage, Jerry
5. Bell, John
6. Brown, Steven
7. Bunnell, Justin
8. Bryson, Joe
9. Chesher, Shane
10. Cruz, Mike
11. Dick, David
12. Dohogne, Greg
13. Done, Justin
14. English, Matt
15. Gore, Chris
16. Junte, Jeff
17. Kane, Erin
18. Kane, Mark
19. Kuehn, Greg
20. Maassen, Rick
21. Mays, Matt
22. McCormick, Doug
23. Nelms, Jim
24. Nolan, Harley
25. Roark, Victor
26. Rose, David
27. Sexton, Justin
28. Sherman, David
29. Sherman, Mikey
30. Sullivan, Tim
31. Waradzyn, Michael
32. Whitaker, Kyle
33. Williams, John
34. Williams, Zach
35. Wuennenberg, Patrick
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