TEEPADS for the course!!

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TEEPADS for the course!!

Postby dahig on Mon Feb 13, 2012 7:17 pm

anybody who has played foundation park in centralia,IL. knows....
this is the biggest critique about the course. (and believe me,i understand)
the good news is this, we have the green light from the good folks on the foundation board to install as many teepads as we want/ can afford. they will be 5'x12' in size! (man this gonna be sweet!!)
the money from our bagtag/membership tournament in april, a singles fundraiser in may and a doubles fundraiser in june, will hopefully go along way to making this happen.
we are also raffling off a gateway portable to help raise some funds.($5 a chance or six for $20)
in addition we have a link on our website http://www.centraliadiscgolf.com that will allow you to make a donation of any dollar amount you choose.
we have "run the numbers" and have decided that for a $130 dontion (by yourself OR as a group) we can put in a teepad AND install a "sponsored by" plaque. pretty cool, huh?

we are VERY excited about the idea of concrete on the course. this is something that we have heard over and over from players, "you guys have a fantastic course....BUT YOU NEED SOME BETTER TEEPADS". and believe me we have been asking about it since the course was installed. and now it can happen!
i'll say it again....VERY EXCITED!!! as well as all you players who have had to suffer along with us when you trek over to play centralia and have had to deal with the mushy, wet mudholes that happen every rainy season.
if you want to have some damn fine teepads to drive off of next time you play centralia...
come help us make this happen players!!
also come on over to the website to get in on the discussions about all this.(i know we can still post here, but threads are going already elswhere.) we still appreciate any help or ideas on the subject.
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Re: TEEPADS for the course!!

Postby schimmy on Tue Feb 14, 2012 10:44 am

Dave that is awesome. I might be able to swing a $130 donation now that I have a real job. If not I will definitely be in attendance for the fundraiser tourneys.

By the way I graduated from Carbondale and am now working in STL. Let me know if you ever come this way and want to play.
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Re: TEEPADS for the course!!

Postby dahig on Mon Mar 12, 2012 9:15 pm

first off...
a HUGE thank you to the RIVER CITY FLYERS!!!!
hole #3 on our fine course has been claimed!!
i would also like to thank EVERYBODY who has stepped up to help make teepads on the champ course(reds) a whole lot closer to becoming a reality.
and you know that as soon as these puppies are installed that we will be holding an inaugural teepad tourney.
not making any promises(yet), but we hope to be playing on them by the end of july.
(sooner if possible)
keep your fingers crossed.
and thanks again guys!!
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