1/2 round at endicott with n. locastro

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1/2 round at endicott with n. locastro

Postby jalbanese on Fri Sep 30, 2011 7:20 pm

i played a causal round behind nikko today..and he invited me to throw along the last 5 pins..my drive on 14a fell about 20ft. short of the pin...i made my putt...no pressure...same thing on 17(a?..high and right?)...made my 15 footer....are there a few pro rounds in my future?..should i join th PDGA? i'm not gonna say i'm pals with nikko but he seemed to me to be just what a personable pro player should be....personable....it was fun!
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Re: 1/2 round at endicott with n. locastro

Postby mkane on Mon Oct 03, 2011 8:23 am

Jamie you bring up a great question, should I join........

He is what I think anyone reading this web-page should know. We do this with volunteers, at every level, volunteers make this stuff happen.

Now what do I mean by volunteers?
You first of all should volunteer to play disc golf, it gets you in the door.
Next you should think about the courses that you really like, and play them.
Then you should think about your friends and family and see how they like it.

I say this to you Jamie becasue that is exactly what you did, cautious approach playing, then helping out, then contributing and volunteering to move this machine forward, and finally it pays off with the good fortune of getting to play a round of golf with the greatest player since Ken Climo.

I have had a much similar experience, as has my good friend RonDisc has too, i am so proud of him; always making us aware of the PDGA.

It is simple, we have many levels of competition within this Disc Golf Commmunity, I choose to volunteer for the following:

Membership to all Clubs
Membership to the PDGA
Promoting next years Bluebird Series

all volunteering in the name of making disc golf better.

Join the Local level first, then Pdga if you still have some green to do it. it is worth every cent!
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