Creve ACE Dump OCT 1st at noon

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Creve ACE Dump OCT 1st at noon

Postby wachoutforthattree on Thu Sep 29, 2011 7:40 am

We will be dumping the ace pool.

Each player gets 2 shots to try and get the Ctp on 10 holes.

Winner of each hole takes home 1/10th of the pot.

Ace pool is at $50.00 right now.

if 20 people show up then each hole would be worth $15.00.

Cost is $5.00 for everyone even if you haven't played all year.

I will also be grilling free hot dogs before the rounds. No charge thats crazy. This is first come first serve.

Everyone is invited. So tell all your friends.

Holes will be set up so they are reachable in one shot for an average disc golfer so everyone can do well.

If you have more questions then call me, Ben Hart at 314-560-9916. If i don't answer leave a message and i

will get back to you.
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