The 2011 Triple Crown - Sunday 6/26

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Re: The 2011 Triple Crown - Sunday 6/26

Postby mkane on Mon Jun 27, 2011 8:52 am

History is a good indicator of performance, and gauging last years scores with this year scores you can really see the improvement in many players. The Triple Crown is a grueling event, mainly due to the amount of travel. However, the kind of event one can reflect back and be proud of the progress and improvements that the players have made.

Bryan Johnson earns the Triple Crown, never in the lead until the end, shows the determination, focus, and unflappable will that is required for winners. Bryan I take my hat off to you (Not in direct sunlight of course!), you are a true professional, dedicated to the game, and a player who conducts himself within his self. Thank you for playing!

David Rose, you too are Ryder Cup material, one can’t imagine the pressure of trying to hold on while Bryan Johnson bearing down on you, then being able to grind forward. Kids it’s a valuable lesson, never look back it is not your last shot, it is your next shot. Thanks for playing!

Jimmy, what can I say, it was yours, the 49 at Endicott was great, but somehow the foot slipped off the pedal. Still Jimmy, I believe you are a Ryder Cup material. Thank you for playing!

Many people moved up, talk to these folks ask them how to move up, ask yourself though do you want to get better, it will take more than just signing up, practice, practice and practice!

These players did move up to pro.

Tim Sullivan
Corey Uhle
Jose Kimbrow
Aaron Walther

This player improved the most.

Rebekah Kersey improved by 10 Strokes, that is amazing when comparing how other players did comparatively. You rock…..Hey female golfers, I think its time you came out, it is time to start up a women’s division. Thank you for playing.

Big thanks for several other players, showing they can compete and we are going to have be on the look out for them.

Eric Lewis
Brad Stuart
Curtis Simmons
Derek and Phillip Green
Chris Gore
Shawn Boley
Atti Baz-Dresch
Mark Eastwood

I hope all went well, and you were satisfied with the tournament. I hope Bob Waidman turns in his Ice Bowl Scores so the Ryder Cup standings are posted this week.

I hope the inventory had enough stock to choose from, look to see more inventory as we prepare for the upcoming events. This will include custom stamped discs of your favorite models.

Once again thank you for playing in our River City events,
Your friend,
Mark Kane
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Re: The 2011 Triple Crown - Sunday 6/26

Postby REDARMY on Mon Jun 27, 2011 8:43 pm

and all hail the spotter on 12 at endicott!


(yes, im sorta joking. had fun watching the top card and atti's bullet of a shot come through on 12)
Are YOU the d-bag who swiped all four of the putters I left at White Birch?
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Re: The 2011 Triple Crown - Sunday 6/26

Postby mkane on Tue Jun 28, 2011 7:57 am

I knew I forgot something :-O, thank you to everyone who helped out:

Chris Kinsella, Mark Zohlman, Ben Hart, Eric Lewis, Steve Bagnard, Greg Doh, and you too Red Army, and everyone whom I did not mention, your help is wo much appreciated.

Hip hip HOORAY, for real.
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