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Re: Bluebird Tournament Series

Postby forehand on Sun May 08, 2011 11:08 pm

[quote="Scooter"]Alot of talk about sandbagging eh? People just might have had a decent round ever think bout that? :o[/qu
When its the same people.. eh, that keep having these "decent" rounds.. eh, thats what you call sandbagging! Ever think about that? eh :lol:
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Re: Bluebird Tournament Series

Postby Scooter on Mon May 09, 2011 2:32 pm

yea i have thought of that eh. i just sounded as if you thought everyone was sandbagging.
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Re: Bluebird Tournament Series

Postby mkane on Wed May 18, 2011 10:25 am

Bluebird update,
Well the Lindenwood first leg is complete only 33 players attended, meaning there is still plenty of room to join this series. Right now the key is to bump up the number of players in this series. I honestly believe you can make it to the championships by playing in only 2 events, but they need to fill so the points are there. So lets make a big showing at Quail next week.

The Open division is wide open so far only 6 open players, and no Advanced players.
The intermediate division is shaping up, as is the recreational division.

I am asking all members to reflect on what this series can do for you:
You wanted scoring system that can begin tracking your scores, the Bluebird does it.
You wanted a more competitive environment, Bluebird gives this to you in great way. The courses start out with the easier courses Lindenwood and then Quail in the Original(Cupcake) locations, on to JB with a bit tougher layout, and then to West City for the final regular round.
The West City day is loaded, as not only is the tourney that day but there is also a festival happening, that will provide music and fireworks fanfare.

The the Regional Champs go back to Quail where a completely different layout will challenge the players. In addition, after this tourney, a Glow tourney will be held. This is just about a serious bunch of disc golf. Hope you come out to enjoy this, it will be the most competitive event of this season, run by the Missouri Parks and Recreation Association, Sponsored by Gateway Disc Golf, and for the first time I am aware of, all three of our clubs are working together to make this happen, St. Charles DGC, J.C. Sharpshooters, and the St. Louis DGC have collaborated to make this event happen.

This series is meant to be a battle in our region, to find the best players who want to improve their games, challenge each other on several different courses, and enjoy tournament play on a competitive level. This Series enables you to compete for a state championship, from each region, the players who win their way to the championship will be a part of disc golf history.

Pros, are you gonna play, or are you gonna let JAB play by hisself.
You do the math, 20 Pros @ 15 bucks each, plus 5 buck Super Pro per pro = 400 bucks
That is just simple math guys and that would just be Quail, if you want to play we have a great opportunity to make this big.
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Re: Bluebird Tournament Series

Postby rondisc on Wed May 18, 2011 6:23 pm

Nice MK stay with the orig plan, peace RonSTL.
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Re: Bluebird Tournament Series

Postby mkane on Mon Sep 05, 2011 10:09 am

It is almost here!
The Regional Bluebird Championships this Saturday September 10th tee off at 10AM:

All divisions will be very competitive and on behalf of the over 100 or so players who competed in our region, we would like to thank the State of Missouri for sponsoring this growing sport. In addition, we want to thank, Brad Schmitt, the Bluebird Series Coordinator, who has donated his time, efforts and resources to this great tournament series. While simultaneously doing a wonderful job as Des Peres Parks and Recreation Director, Brad has been the TD for each event in this series. We wish him luck as we seek his help to strive to get Disc Golf on the Missouri SCORP as a cost effective means of physical activity and recreation that all parks can afford and maintain with the help of great Disc Golf Clubs in this state.For those of you who missed out, don't stress it, the Bluebird will be back next year; bigger and better.

We accomplished this through a concerted team effort by the St. Charles and Jefferson County DGC's who joined forces and camaraderie with St. Louis DGC to create an atmosphere of cooperation that just warms my heart. If you are a member of these clubs you got your money's worth this year. Thank you all so very much!

It is down to the semi finals; as we race to the finish line where all players enjoyed this competitive format where your score counts, your division secured; and it is up to the players who made it to this semi final to see what they are made of. In this round, the spoils go to the victor; the top 8 finishers will compete head to head at Quail Ridge this Saturday at 10 am, with only the top 3 finishers moving on to the Finals in Marshall, Missouri on October 8th, where this years finals are being held.

In the Open Division, the obvious favorites would be the unflappable Bryan Johnson and the consummate Pro Jerry Barklage these two have played in almost every single event in St. Louis and have represented us well. Hot off an overwhelming victory in West City where these two pros teamed up in the Jefferson County DGC Big Guns doubles tourney, these two masters of the game attacked the brutally long West City Championship course to win. It is a just another attribute that shows their ability to not only win at the individual level but to be able to compete as a team also.
Though they may be the favorites the rest of the field is going to press their skills to levels that they have rarely encountered. Top seed Ben Hart a Quail ridge veteran can affect any tournament he plays in. His smooth forehand and ever-improving backhand can shred this course to pieces. Jose Kimbrow the 3rd seed has proven he also can humble the favorites. He showed his wares at Quail early in the season by winning match #2 and besting all players in the field, including BJ & JAB. The rest of the field just fills the bag to the bursting point, as seasoned veterans Francis Albanese and “The Legend” Don Moellenbeck have been able to quell any offenses launched by BJ & JAB in many past battles! Chris Gore also rounds out the field fresh from his Global Disc Golf Tourney performance that earned him a berth and trip to the United States Disc Golf Championships. While quietly, this author is setting his sights at upsetting them all as he could very well be known as the Quail Whisperer!

The Advance Masters Division is shaking out as a regular slugfest. Only three players will compete (enjoy it this year fellas, cause it will be full next year!) as they have the entire series. Jeff “Angry Guy” Junte and Brian “Left Slinger” Walls have battled with Steve “Hard-Wire” Klieber. “Angry Guy”, a nick name coined by his Quail Ridge doubles partner Jimmy “Whitebirch” Nelms, was quoted “it has been the most fun I have had, the series was exactly what I have been looking for” a not so “Angry Guy” if you ask me, in fact an absolutely great guy!

Intermediate Ams top seed David “Double D” Dick, a great guy and a wonderful ambassador for one of our key sponsors Gateway Disc Sports, has been the top performer however the rest of the field is licking their chops as we head into the Semis at Quail Ridge. 2nd seed Brad “the Original” Walkenhorst, Shawn ”what time is it” Spiker, Brad “Stew Meat” Stuart, all claim Quail Ridge as their home course and the question is can DD hold them off? Rounding out the field Kevin Clooney, Chris Ursch, and Adrian “Vice Grip” Pena all are capable of just lighting Quail Ridge up!

Recreational division is home of the tightest race as Mikie “Fright Night” Waradzyn smokes the field in Round 4 at West City to yank the top seed from under the to perennial Rec for lifers Jimmy “Whitebirch” Nelms and Gary “It wasn’t Me” Polkinghorne. These two fine men are very important helping hands to bring this tourney to us. Gary the President and Jimmy the Vice President of the St. Charles Disc Golf Club are very special people, (not of the short bus variety, well maybe Jimmy) dedicated to promoting disc golf in St. Charles County. The West City Club has sent three Sharpshooters up to take on this division. Joe “Byson” Bryson, Rickie “don’t think I can’t beat you” Wells and Alan ”He ain’t heavy” Amos all have the capability to win here if they can get past “Team Barklage”, Kenny “the Iceman” and Bryan ”wish I had some Zanfel” Barklage(No relation to JAB), who are always ready to take on a challenge.

IN the Womens division REC Debbie “I ain’t scared” Polkinghorne will coast to victory and be ready to represent our region in the finals. Debbie is also a board member of the St. Charles DGC and huge contributor to the Bluebird Series.

The Novice division is loaded with surprises, though it is dominated by Shane “I wish I had my real hip” Chester, Micheal “don’t trip old man” Sherman has not lost by more than a few strokes at each event. Dakota “the throwin Samoan” Oeberman can also lock up a spot in the finals if Koty “West City” Whitaker does not show up to join in the fun.

Meanwhile in the Novice Women, Danielle “just because I am winning my head won’t swell” Amos has control of the top seed, but she better be sharp as Team Polkinghorne will lure her to their home course, where the coast is not so clear. Bailey “welcome to my house” Polkinghorne and her sis Brekka “I’ll be drivin more than this disc soon” Polkinghorne have pledged to make this the most challenging test for Danielle and no matter how it turns out this group will be in finals, because they played. Next year may not be as simple as the fields grow.

Good luck to all players be sure to thank Brad if you get a chance, and bring all your vouchers as this will be the last day to cash out.
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Re: Bluebird Tournament Series

Postby mkane on Thu Sep 08, 2011 3:48 pm

Bluebird Updates

Food - Please think about the possibility of staying in the park to eat lunch, there are some nice trails that have some very good berries and nuts.........Are you kidding...........

The Bluebird Series will feature Ben Galmiche and his sleek new wood burning power cooker. The menu will include the following, and he is planning to cook for 40 people. Now is the time to taste a juicy 1/3 lb cheeseburger cooked to perfection, a side of beans & chips. Or how about a nice big hot dog? He will also have water, Gatorade.

The dinner cost - 6
The "Cheesburger" a la carte - 3.50
The Hotdogs - 2
The H2O - 1
The Gatorade - 2

Ben is a member of the St. Charles Disc Golf Club and wanted all participants to be able to relax after the first round. We concur the players should be able to enjoy a good solid meal at the break, and be ready to take on the final 18 in this the last round of the semi-finals on the race to the championships. Thank you Ben your efforts are so much appreciated.

Good Luck Everybody
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Re: Bluebird Tournament Series

Postby mkane on Thu Sep 08, 2011 4:06 pm

Bluebird Updates

We have several divisions that have more than the 8 players.

We have decided to extend an invitation to players that did not make the final cut but are interested in playing Saturday. We have decided to do this to insure that if some invitees do not show up the openings will be given to the players with the best scores in that division to play and feel the Semi-Final Tourney Rush!

You must be:
Bluebird series player – Already have paid the 15 dollar series fee
Bluebird series player – who did not make the Semi-s

We want to fill the field and you will be able to play. We will open up a separate division for players that meet this requirement.

Divisions will be flighted using the same method as the Players Only League.
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Re: Bluebird Tournament Series

Postby mkane on Thu Sep 08, 2011 4:21 pm

Bluebird Series Divisional Update

The Region IV Bluebird Series Advanced Division had no players that registered or played. This has created a vacuum that will affect the finals unless we can send three players to Marshall.

I have gotten the approval for the Semi-Finals to accept advanced players to play in the advanced division at Quail Ridge this weekend to play in the Bluebird Semi-Finals on Saturday 9-10-2011 Tee Off 10 AM Sharp.

The top three advanced players who can make it will be able to go to the state championships.

The following criteria are required:

You will need to pay the Bluebird series fee – 15
You will need to pay the Advanced entry fee – 15
You cannot have played in any Region IV Bluebird Series events this year.
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Re: Bluebird Tournament Series

Postby mkane on Mon Oct 03, 2011 7:00 pm

Bluebird Update:

Just 5 days til the Bluebird Series culminates in Marshall Missouri.

Here is the best directions unless I find better ones:

I-70; Marshall exit north on 65 for 10 miles to Business 65 which becomes Odell St. Straight through stoplight to a right on Yerby (4-way stop). Stay on Yerby to park. 1st tee is after bridge at bottom of large hill.

Start Time - 10 am tee off
Get there - before 9 am

More info to come.......
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Re: Bluebird Tournament Series

Postby mkane on Thu Oct 06, 2011 9:01 am

Just two days and the first statewide Bluebird Series will culminate at Marshall Missouri.

Yesterday I got to play with the Region IV top players Bryan Johnson, Jerry Barklage and Francis Albenese All players are looking to absolutely crush the competition. It could be a 1,2,3 sweep for the OPEN division, however nothing is for sure.

The other regions will also bring Fire to fight our Fire for sure.

Get there early, to get a look at the course!
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