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Re: New Tee Signs - Info & Reservation

Postby discdoh on Sun Mar 13, 2011 8:58 am

All that I meant by my comment was that both sides were showing ZERO signs of willingness to bend. The more that the discussion progressed, the more that it seemed the discussion would never end. I hate being involved in arguments, and there was no end in sight. Jeff, I was always pulling for your plan/price points. I thought they were quite fair. Chris didn't see it this way and made a point to let it be known. The manner in which this difference was handled seemed a bit ridiculous - from both sides of the argument.

Also Jeff, please don't quote my "personal" e-mails to you when posting on this discussion board. There was absolutely no need for that. Once again, your tact was a bit lacking...
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Re: New Tee Signs - Info & Reservation

Postby mkane on Sun Mar 13, 2011 10:24 am

Jeff, is this necessary to put this at the end of every post?

“When I asked Chris to join the board because we needed someone to keep meeting minutes he said,
Chris K wrote:I can't listen and write and think at the same time!”

I also went back to the beginning of the thread and it seems you edited all your posts, removed the graphics display of the tee sign and left these posts in there place.

Post here to help Chris get his home business off the ground
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I'm not sure why everything has to be overcomplicated?
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This really is unfortunate
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members should be able to delete their own posts
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I just wanted to tee signs
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The tee sign project is going to move forward, the pricing structure was changed and we determined that the project would require more than one person. I had hoped that you would support help for this big project, and that we could have several contributors working on it but instead of contributing, you continue to isolate yourself. We have seen it before.

Please Jeff remove the comment about Chris on your exit mantra. Everybody already knows that.

Perhaps we might look at what Chris has done for the members, shall we:
a. 5 dollars goes back to your home course.
a. 2 bucks a man goes back to your course.
b. A CTP program(suggested by another member so respected and humble that he did not even put his name on the Club Championship Disc he designed) which provides numerous opportunities for players to win more than their entry fee.
c. Chris has proposed that we lower our tourney entry fees, of which we will be able to do very soon, as soon as the board approves it.
3.Organizational Skills:
a. Chris has formed a team around him so he does not isolate himself and end up having to do everything himself.
b. Chris has created teams that are project orientated:
i. Endicott Hole 6,7 and 8 are not the mess they used to be. Because he believed in Tim and Tim to do the job, and he was out there with the wheel barrel trudging up hole 4’s hill to get the fill for the drainage ditch.
ii. Forest Park is closer than ever because the members volunteered to contribute and follow up with park meetings and creating PowerPoint presentations that helped influence opinions about disc golf.
iii. Bridgeton will be in the ground very soon because members volunteered to meet with the parks department, create a plan that would be beneficial for the city and the club.
iv. Merchandise Chris’s vice grip like grip on OUR money has made our disc selection the best it has ever been.
All these examples are not solely Chris’s accomplishments, he had help. Sure there may be times we don’t really like Chris but it is temporary, (does anyone like there boss?) we are living in a time when fiscal responsibility requires tough decisions to be made and that is his job.

This message has gone on long enough, so in closing if any member wants to look at the books and the transactions this club has made I have no problem nor would any other board member, to provide all financial data. I will figure out a way to provide a financial document for review at every club event, We have nothing to hide. We have a financial secretary; he does it for a living.
We have a great team who does a great job; you can think that we are taking your money, using it for something else. On the other hand, you can believe the truth; establishing teams that contribute to growing this sport that will help the economic growth of our communities and our club. Five fingers are better than one Jeff, open your hand and show the other four, please.
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Re: New Tee Signs - Info & Reservation

Postby irwinje on Sun Mar 13, 2011 1:12 pm

Of course I've deleted my artwork and the effort I put into this campaign. And you're surprised? Why wouldn't I? Again, the club is the one that is wrong here, not me. This is the exact same scenario as the tournament flyers I volunteered to design. The premise was I would do each one once and that was it. The problems came up when Chris wanted to overcomplicate everything (as usual) and redesign each one 8 times, which was a waste of everyone's time.

There have been positive things accomplished in this regime and I'm not saying anything about that. My problems are with the Pres, his intent to gouge members and overcomplicate everything this club does. Now, I've been told the club has money, but they' won't spend it, rather just ask for even more from the membership - which is where all the money comes from to begin with.

Having held this position, I know that you have to rely on the members to generate revenue, but you also have to do that gradually and evenly though out the campaign, not gouge people on 1 item like this. This scenario is a good representation of what it is like to be involved in the RCF board, people call it a "thankless job" but that isn't even close. You are basically signing up to be shit on and have people point out your shortcomings. Well, count another volunteer gone because people like Chris have no idea what it is like to manage or appreciate anyone. A good manager puts good people in charge of programs that they would specialize in, which is what I was trying to orchestrate with this campaign. It wasn't until he tried to control it that the shit hit the fan. No one like to be told how to do they're specialty, least of all me!
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Re: New Tee Signs - Info & Reservation

Postby rondisc on Sun Mar 13, 2011 9:01 pm

I will get back to this... I have heard much about this but refuse to read being nice and happily tired.

Peace and I know I do not matter but.... :?
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Re: New Tee Signs - Info & Reservation

Postby mkane on Sun Mar 13, 2011 10:06 pm

I am simply asking you to delete the comment that comes up at the bottom of your posts Jeff. That change affects the website globally, thus affecting the entire site wherever you posted.

I am also hoping that you would delete the other posts too.

At this point I will tell you once again, we are a team, you are an individual, this tee sign job is pretty big and the offer still stands as noted above, all of us could knock this out together or you can sit on sidelines lobbing blame bombs as you wish. You have established it's all the clubs fault, so simply put, you are a club member too.
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Re: New Tee Signs - Info & Reservation

Postby mkane on Sun Mar 13, 2011 10:11 pm


Here are the details for buying a Tee Sign at the four St Louis County Courses, SP, EN, CC, and JB

· $50 for individuals/families; text or art

· $75 for Group, Club or Business; text, art and/or logo and web address

· $75 for a sign shared by individuals - up to four names listed (foursome)

· Each $3000/$5000 sponsor gets added on the sign at hole 1 and 10 at each course

· Anyone who picks hole 1 or hole 10 agrees to share the sign with the Club Sponsors

· Corporate merchandise is accepted in lieu of money; $100 wholesale or $200 retail

· Tee sign sponsorship is good for 2 years

· Unsold signs will be given to our sponsors, leagues, and brother/sister clubs

· Signs are sold on a ‘first come first served’ basis and are not secured until payment is received.

April 1st is the deadline so get your pad before they are all gone.
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Re: New Tee Signs - Info & Reservation

Postby tigerwoods on Thu May 26, 2011 12:17 pm

Just wanted to know if there is any progress on this project. When might we see our new course signs? Thanks.
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