player averages to designated tournament class

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Re: player averages to designated tournament class

Postby danruder on Mon Dec 20, 2010 7:35 pm

I started playing this game a year ago November and I was told the unofficial rule was once you win a tourney you move up. I like this idea it gives you a feel on where your at as far as competition. The last 2 tourneys I played in(turkey toss and hollydaze) I only had 2 choices Pro or Am normally I'll play advanced but didn't have that choice so what do you do there, play pro for a chance at nothing or at least have a chance to win plastic. bottom line is the people doing all the complaining just forgot what the games all about HAVE FUN AND SHUT THE HELL UP.
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Re: player averages to designated tournament class

Postby STARFIRE on Wed Dec 22, 2010 12:57 pm

emptv wrote:Disc Up,
xlforlife wrote,
I think one too many individuals are more worried about winning than playing up and taking the defeat to a better class of player like a man

I have played with a whole lot of disc golfers and some disc golfers just cannot do that, basically they are women. :lol: Lets never forget about the fairer sex. As quite a few women will tell you, " you wish you threw like a girl."

Starfire wrote,
I don't like the idea of changing division names, i.e. Flight A, etc. It should be Pro, Adv, Int, Rec & Novice eternally.

I tend to agree, but I could see 1 division called the "F" Flight, with "F" standing for fun. :D
Keep it fun people, after all it is a just a "game" of disc golf for most people, not to many of us earn our living by doing this.


I agree to an extent, any "game" that I play, I play competetively. I play for fun but for me it's more about winning. I wouldn't even play disc golf, or any sport without competition.

Those who want to have fun, move out the way please, I'm here to win.
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Re: player averages to designated tournament class

Postby mkane on Fri Dec 24, 2010 12:15 pm

This is what we are doing;
For RCF Tourneys:
2 Divisions:
Cash or Plastic
The Cash division pays out the top half
The Plastic division flights the scores after the first round.

We want to use Club Events to get you ready for the competition that will be coming
to town when the number of PDGA events increase and the divisions are clearly identified.

Bottom Line, Paper or Plastic

The Advanced division is AM(Plastic), The flighting concept is very competitive, if you don't play good in the first round, then you have to stay in the division your score/play has put you in.

But if you play with the Open division, consider it a warm up to prepare St. Louis disc golfers for the out of town talent that will arrive, compete, beat and take your winnings from you if you are not prepared.

My Advice:
RCF has the best available plastic in the region, if you need to add stock to your collection, then play AM, it is OK, the A Flight should be the best AM's(advanced) who need to upgrade or accentuate their arsenals with plastic.
RCF has the best Pro players in the region at the tourneys, once you are comfortable with your plastic, get comfortable with your game and see how you can rate against these players.

Either way, be prepared to defend St. Louis as the 2011 tourney season begins.

Merry Christmas -
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