Carrollton work update

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Carrollton work update

Postby Richard~Cheese on Mon Sep 03, 2012 6:14 pm

Well a couple of things have changed or been added recently. First install was some stepping stone stairs on 18 & 2. We have put red stone tee markers on all pads next to the poles. Hopefully this will help with the question "where's the tee box end". The whites and blue tees are cut in and marked with stakes.(whites are tough, & the blues will add a stroke to your game)
There are also some new basket placements on holes 5,7,15,&18. With more coming soon. Also the very annoying pole on hole 1 was moved over to the left about 25 ft,as to allow the blue tees to have a clear drive. Hole 8s red tee pad and pole have been moved back aprox. 125ft. To create a elevated tee pad. We will be installing some blue stones for the back tee pads. And hopefully doing some planting all around the course, to provide some much needed shade. As of latley there have only been two of us doing work. So if anyone would like to volunteer to help out with anything, PM me.
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