Thursday Practice at Ferdinand Park, Florissant

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Thursday Practice at Ferdinand Park, Florissant

Postby REDARMY on Tue Jul 14, 2009 11:35 pm

The big local park here in Florissant has 4 or 5 baseball fields with distance-measured fences. i went out last thursday and farted around by myself at one of them and actually had fun and leanred some things.

If anyone else wants to take some driving practice (or gague how far they're driving with some measurements involved), let me know or just show up thursday. Last week, i was at the last field to the left before you get to the lake.

I know theres a few baseball/softball leagues out there at the same time, but i had no troubles on the field i was at.

post up or leave me a voicemail at 314-795-6453 if you plan to make it. i'll be there by 4:30 unless something catastrophic happens at the restaurant i work at. if you see a black honda prelude in the parking lot or a guy in a red shirt/black shorts tossing discs, you're in the right spot.


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