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Re: friendly meet up

Postby Stubborn Puppet on Thu Sep 19, 2013 8:43 pm

The general idea of the bag tags is to
A: Display proudly on your disc golf bag to show the world that you are a member of the St. Louis Disc Golf Club...

B: If it were ever necessary, for whatever reason, to prove you were a member; such as getting a discount at Johnny Mac's or Gateway Discs, entering a STLDGC run event without an extra fee, you wake up one morning with amnesia and can't remember whether or not you supported disc golf in St. Louis this year :P , etc.

C: Play for the lowest number. When 2 or more club members are playing together, you can challenge each other and the person with the lowest score takes the lowest number tag. If you're like me, you'll slowly watch that number rise rather than fall over the course of the year :oops: But every now and then you throw a phenomenal game at the right time and walk away with a much, much better number... for a week or so anyhow.

So, just hang it on your DG bag for now and you'll know where it is, just in case it comes up 8-)
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Re: friendly meet up

Postby rsandersr47 on Thu Sep 19, 2013 10:45 pm

o wow! That is a pretty cool idea! My number is prob pretty high so it will prob stay the same for a little while haha. As long as i stay close to everyone and par I will consider it a moral victory. I like that tag number idea tho! Its cool having Gateway right here.. the only discs i have from them are a wizard and some disc that my GF got with my membership.. It doesn't have a name or anything on it, just mid driver... and a weight. It holds a line pretty well tho! Gateway makes some hard plastic!
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