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How it Works

Postby irwinje on Sat Oct 04, 2008 9:52 am

We've all bought discs that, at the time, we thought we wanted or could throw well. Then we end up at the course and can't get the damn thing to do what we thought it would. Thats why we all have boxes of unused/unwanted plastic at home. This is the place to come to try and unload it. Since one man's trash is another man's treasure we've included this in our website to allow our users to try and trade their unwanted plastic.
Additionally, if you have a disc that you really like this is the place to try and find additional copies of that disc.

Ex: If you really liked the Discraft Force we included in the 2008 St. Louis Open player's packs and you'd like to find another one from that run this is the place to come and inquire about such a trade.

:evil: EDIT: NO PERSONAL SOLICITATIONS! NO VENDORS! NO LINKS TO FLEABAY! These posts will be deleted before people have a chance to reply. It's things like this that destroyed our last site! :evil:
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