Sell off, get 'em gone

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Sell off, get 'em gone

Postby Geo on Mon Mar 03, 2014 1:44 pm

Time to slim down all of my trial discs from the winter. Many of these have seen little throwing action from me. Some were bought used. First what I want though


Gateway Assassins!- any plastic, would love to find some s-series. Ideally 160's to low 170's, but will probably take anything
Gateway Magic black only
Millennium Polaris LS- any plastic ideally weights around 164-172 any condition
MVP servo 160 or below in peach or another pastel color. or light yellow swirly would be great.
MVP switch 162 or below in a light color (no bold red, blue, copper) orange, lemon, lime, light blue
MVP ion/anode -Any plastic, preferably dark or black colors. I want to see what the fuss is about.
MVP tangent/axis- ideally white, eclipse or clear proton
Axiom Alias white core
Axiom Envy black core

HavesMake offers, I prefer trades though.



$14 Gateway Magic[/b] 174 Medium with PIAS stamp 8/10 storage wear
pm for pic


$9 Lat 64 fuse 170 TM 9/10 thrown once
$9 Prodigy M4 177g 400 plastic 7/10 some flight plate ink
$9 Discraft Buzz 175-176 X plastic. 9/10 thrown once


$10 Gateway Apache 162, 9/10 two test flights. I would call it 9/10
$10 Prodigy F7 152 400 series plastic, 8/10


$10 Innova Valkyrie 165 Pro, flight plate ink 6.5/10
$10 Gateway Samurai 173 Evo 7.5/10
$8 Gateway Diablo DT 163 Evo 6/10

If another deal falls throw I will have a stack of Vibram to add

1 new OLace x link firm 165 $14
1 9/10 unlace x link firm 169 $13
1 9/10 Sole x link medium 172 $13
172 firm ridge 9/10 $13

Please thread bump stating the disc you are interested in when you PM
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Re: Sell off, get 'em gone

Postby ilmcgee on Sat Mar 22, 2014 9:50 pm

Curious about the pro valk, pm coming.
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