sign-ups of non-disc golfers on this site

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sign-ups of non-disc golfers on this site

Postby listen4chains on Sun Apr 26, 2009 8:40 pm

Again, I believe we are being infiltrated by the same assholes who ruined this site LAST TIME! By this, it is people like "oxydayarrig" and "soomynccraggy" and OTHER NONSENSICAL MONIKERS that have ABSOLUTELY ZERO DISC GOLF INTERESTS, from COUNTRIES WITHOUT DISC GOLF, and you click on their profile, and their websites are either some form of PORNO or some form of ILLEGAL PRESCRIPTION DRUG SALES!!!

For example from the home page: Congratulations to: SoomyncCranny (33)

Here is the website he/she lists ... 4&course=1
It is his/her birthday, yet the country of BERMUDA does not have disc golf, and probably never will.

This is why we cannot log-in or whatever, and people who may have real interest in our website and disc golf in St. Louis can't get to our site.

There has to be a way to pre-screen for these jerks, and maybe you should have a disc golf related question as part of the membership process to eliminate this bogus type of "new member" from joining or putting TROJANS or OTHER MALWARE ON OUR SITE.

To those of you doing this for a living (computers/IT) can you help with this at all?

It really sucks that these jerks are out there, and up to no good!!!! :evil:
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Re: sign-ups of non-disc golfers on this site

Postby toledodg1 on Sun Apr 26, 2009 8:55 pm

what a joke this guy or computer

it could be a program that someone created to infaltrate other usre to user sites

they are probably just programed to get to other sites like to get buyers

hey lets all get pumped for stl open less then one week OHIO will represent

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