Cape Girardeau: Cape County Park (12 holes)

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Cape Girardeau: Cape County Park (12 holes)

Postby legendarydave on Fri Jun 01, 2012 10:20 pm

Sooooooo... I think this is more like what a disc golf course is supposed to be like. Just my luck that I'm moving to STL right when this is getting popular around here. I don't have the hole by hole layout memorized yet (It just opened today and I played one round) but it is a huge improvement over the Capaha course. Considering the park isn't smack in the middle of the city, and does not include any busy playgrounds, it is already a far superior course where I can actually attempt to focus on shotmaking. Eventually this will be an 18 hole course (and is set up with that in mind) but for now it is a very fun 12 holes. All twelve holes were par 3, and I feel like this is a great chance for the many beginner level players around here to actually have a chance at some long birdies. The tee boxes are fancy (i even fell off the front of one, no cheating forward allowed) and some of the holes are sponsored by local businesses. Many of the holes are sharp angles around woods and have pins set near heavily wooded areas to emphasize accuracy and touch. There are lots of changes in elevation, which to me added to the excitement. I have never had to throw to a pin that I couldn't see before (but from what I've read this is common in many dg courses) so imagine my surprise when I get near the pin and see that I am in MUCH better position than I imagined. I really don't know what else to say, I may go tomorrow morning and sunday afternoon before moving sunday night just so I can improve upon my awful score. If any St. Louisans want to plan a trip to this course during the summer you can count me in. (hopefully once I play the STL area courses I will still want to come back home to this one) I most likely will lose a few discs in the woods but I will just chalk it up as a learning experience.
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