Course in Rolla, MO

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Course in Rolla, MO

Postby Working Stiff on Sat Jun 19, 2010 7:10 pm

If you are in the Rolla area, the pins have been dropped on the 18 hole course in Lions Club Park. It's mostly wooded, but it's got some longer shots and a few open holes where you can air it out. All in all it a solid course. We already had a 9-hole rec course in Ber Juan Park, so if you get stuck in Rolla (and if you end up in Rolla, stuck is the only way to describe it) there is golf at least to ease the pain.

The Lions Club course still has a long way to go. The tees are not going to be set until the course gets some play, and there still are some stumps that need to be ground and some areas that were torn up during construction that need to be repaired. The undergrowth is pretty thick in some places and there is a lot of poison ivy out there. It's a work in progress, but there are 18 nice shiny Titans to throw at.

A word a warning, if you are out at Lions Club any time soon be prepared for the ticks. They are really bad out there right now. I played a round in long pants and long sleeves in 90+ degree heat, doused myself in bug spray and still had six ticks on me when I finished. Once when I just walked the course I had 14 ticks on me. Hopefully they will spray something out there to help with that, but until then If you are headed out there take precautions. In this heat, the precautions were about to kill me. I think I sweated out 10 pounds out there.
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