Tournament Proceedures

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Tournament Proceedures

Postby hoogiegirl on Tue Dec 13, 2011 12:31 pm

At the December RCF meeting, there was much discussion about how our club can run tournaments more efficiently and professionally. I have volunteered to do some research and present a proposal for Standard Operating Proceedures to the board.

I have already gleaned some resources of the internet, but my most important research will come from those of you who have experience running a tournament. Please drop me a line at There have been several excellent suggestions made and I am hoping that we can put together an SOP that will encourage more folks to step forward and TD, after all, many hands make light work!

Thanks in advance for helping me out!

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Re: Tournament Proceedures

Postby gflap on Fri Dec 16, 2011 11:36 am

I would ask Magic as he runs a very well organized tourney in St Charles at Quail Ridge every time. To me the main element is to start on time and not wait for players who cannot be on time. Also start at 9 versus 10.
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Re: Tournament Proceedures

Postby Lazerface on Fri Dec 16, 2011 4:40 pm

First of all, thanks for doing this. I don't think what goes into running a good tournament is much of a mystery to a lot of these guys like doe, magic, or Waidman, etc etc etc. The only thing our club lacks is exactly what u are developing, a good set of SOPs. If u talk to some of these guys, pool the info, and come up with a detailed set of guidelines for all Tds we will see much improvement at or club's tourneys. I was discussing this during one of our last cluster f&$%s happening at tourney central. Universal guidelines are just as important for competitors as they are for the Tds. Once our local players see consistency at our tourneys they will do what people do, and start going with the flow. Presently, we have large groups of people talking over each other and blasting Tds with random questions while they are trying to sign people up or put cards together. Matt Augustine (sp?), raised perhaps the most simple, yet constructive idea to aid In solving this problem when I brought this up to him. Every tourney (NO MATTER WHAT) must have a large board displaying all the general tourney info. This includes but is not limited to: tee time, # of rounds, entry fee, divisions, lunch situation, ctp info, ace pool info, side game info, payout predictions, ryder cup update perhaps, etc, etc. So when your trying to spell out Misuraca on a card and someone starts yelling at u regarding some of this very general information u can just remain looking down and point to the glorious board. People waiting in line will know exactly what they want to sign up for as soon as they get to the
table. I have just one more possible guideline. Whenever possible the sign up table should always be a u shape as to prevent a cluster f%#~ behind the people trying to work. This is usually the case, but when it's ignored it causes big problems. The Tds/volunteers who arrive first should very strategically set up tournament central so that it allows for an organized flow during signups and prize outs. I'm sure there is someone in our club with an operations mngt background that can help refine this process lol.

Figured I'd post it here cause this is a good discussion.
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Re: Tournament Proceedures

Postby rondisc on Fri Dec 16, 2011 5:59 pm

I agree with you on all points. A procedure/process manual was discussed a long while back, still no results. I agree a white board should be on premises with PRE thought out guidelines for the particular touranment. The issue/opportunity which has always been is enough volunteers. Yes we can say enough volunteers but all/most of our volunteers play in the particular club event. I am one that has not volunteered in a couple of years and I am ok with that. Local tournys need at least 3 people that do not play so when the minds start coming in off the course you have at least 3 people in a different frame to take care of scores, issues, etc... I hear of rumblings of worlds, this brings me back to volunteers. Does STL have 100 volunteers willing to give up a weeks worth/ 4 days of work and at least Saturday to be a volunteer? I think not right now. This will be one of the major questions when, if the powers even consider submitting a bid.
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