2013 Jr and AM Worlds Emporia, KS

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2013 Jr and AM Worlds Emporia, KS

Postby rondisc on Thu Jun 14, 2012 1:16 pm

You AMs need to get your points, Am worlds does not get this close very often.

Emporia will be the home of the 2013 Professional Disc Golf Association World Junior and Amateur Disc Golf Championships for 2013.

The world championship event is scheduled for July 7 to 13, 2013. Rusco said confirmation of the dates should be received within the next few days.

The junior championship is estimated to draw 600 participants and have a six-figure local economic impact.

“This should be a massive event with an economic impact of several hundred thousand dollars on the local economy,” said Casey Woods, Emporia Main Street Director.

“We are so excited for the opportunity to have the Amateur and Junior World Championship in Emporia, and we invite the world to join us on our front porch,” said Betty James Director of the Emporia Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

Jeremy Rusco, founder and owner of Dynamic Discs, spearheaded the coordination of the proposal and will organize and serve as director of the event. Included in the proposal is a schedule that includes six courses in Emporia. The courses include Jones Park East and West, Peter Pan Park, Emporia Middle School, the Emporia Country Club and the Emporia Municipal Golf Course.

”We are excited to build a relationship between Dynamic Discs, Emporia Main Street and the Emporia Convention and Visitors Bureau that made this possible,” Rusco said. “We have hosted several championship-caliber events, and Dynamic Discs is ready to support a World Championship in Emporia.”

The 2012 Glass Blown Open was a major factor in the PDGA decision to allow Emporia to host the 2013 event.

“After seeing Emporia get behind the Glass Blown Open, the PDGA officials sat down the day after the tournament with Dynamic Discs, the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau and Emporia Main Street to talk to us about hosting a World Championship Event,” Woods said.

The deciding committee visited during this year’s Glass Blown Open and met to hear the proposal following the conclusion of the competition.

“They saw that we had the expertise and the amenities and we definitely have the drive to be able to do that. The expertise of Dynamic Discs and their ability to run large-scale tournaments are really what put us on the map to host a world championship.”

Emporia is the smallest city in recent history that has hosted the annual competition.

“Generally these are held in places like Flagstaff, Ariz.,” Woods said. “This year it’s being held in Charlotte, N.C. We’re talking about being one of the smallest communities to host a World Championship. We’re in elite company for cities and our ability to do that.”

Woods said in order for the tournament to be successful, it will take involvement from the community.

“We’re going to be looking out to the community and different organizations and businesses to participate.” Woods said. “We hope that everyone welcomes the hundreds of people that will be coming into Emporia … with open arms and host more of these championship level events in the future.”

Rusco said there will be a play to bring the professional championship to Emporia.

“We’ve already talked about the potential of hosting the pro worlds here in 2015, but the Glass Blown Open will be a staple event for years to come and have a big economic impact.” Rusco said.
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Re: 2013 Jr and AM Worlds Emporia, KS

Postby bean928 on Thu Jun 14, 2012 1:57 pm

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