2011 - B.Y.O.P. fall "666" tournament

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2011 - B.Y.O.P. fall "666" tournament

Postby dahig on Thu Sep 15, 2011 10:26 pm

first of all...
this is our annual B.Y.O.Partner event, NOT B.Y.O.Beverage. although you are certainly welcome to BRING your own choice of beverages(just bring some for me too ;))
this is a typo that has been on the calendar all year. no big deal... just wanted to clear that up.

when: saturday oct. 15th
where: foundation park disc golf complex Centralia,IL.
time: registration starts @ 7:00 until 8:40
players meeting @ 8:45
first round starts @ 9:00
(i know this is a bit early,especially for anyone travelling,but a round at centralia can last 3hrs. that means we may not get things wrapped up until about 5:00p.m. or so and i don't want players struggling to finish in the dark.)

format: Bring your own partner for 2 rounds of 18 on the champ side of the park.
the "666" means that during each round the 1st six holes will be of a particular type, 2nd six another type and 3rd six yet another.
example: holes 1-6 best shot between partners.
holes 7-12 alternate shots thru completion of all six holes.
holes 13-18 best hole (both players complete a given hole and decide which score to mark on scorecard.)
we have yet to decide on the order that they will be used.
BUT....we will mix up the order after first round.
example: round 1 - holes 1-6 "best shot"
round 2 - holes 1-6 "best score"

there will also be extra "hazards/O.B." on the course for added "fun" during this event.
AND.... a hanging basket (or two).
anyone who has played in this event knows how much effort we put into tweaking the holes for some unusual/interesting play. so come join us, you WILL enjoy this. (i promise!!)

Remember...."it's all about the fun!!" (and challenge!!)

cost: $25 per team (this is NOT a santioned PDGA event)

payouts for top finishers in each division.
ace pool , CTP's , and games (longest drive,ring of fire) to be held between rounds.
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