KC wide Open 6/9 open 6/10-11 AM

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KC wide Open 6/9 open 6/10-11 AM

Postby rondisc on Thu Apr 28, 2011 8:03 pm

Greetings from Kansas City!

As we head out of the winter months and into spring, the 29th Wide Open is fast approaching. This year, the Kansas City Flying Disc Club, in conjunction with many sponsors, is happy to host an elite National Tour Event. The event will play on the same courses that many of you may have played in the 2009 Worlds tournament. The event is going to be a combined Pro/Am event, with the Pro side of the field playing 4 rounds on courses over three days. Those opting for the Amateur side of the event will experience 3 rounds over 2 days.

The Pros will start out on Friday with rounds at Water Works park. The course features challenging elevation and picturesque views of the Missouri and Kaw Rivers and the downtown skyline, and demands attention at every curve for one round. The other course on Friday will be just across the river at Cliff Drive, with a combination of wooded technical shots and some open air distance to challenge all aspects of your talent level.

Moving on to Saturday, where tee-times will play in for the remainder of the weekend, you will be playing at the Blue Valley course that has made friends and foes in its short time. At over 11,000’ of continually changing elevation and fast greens, this demanding course has challenged players for the last decade to test their own ability and prove their mettle.

The final round will be played on Sunday at Swope Park, and you might think that Kansas City's oldest course is a safe bet for an easy finish. Well...don’t be fooled: this course will be expanded into a longer format using alternate tee pads and mind-tingling OB. The tournament layout puts this course into the modern age while preserving the enjoyment, comforts and tranquility that this course has now offered for over three decades. A great day of fun and festivities will follow. We hope to draw nearly 1,000 people to watch the final rounds, as the top touring Pros visit Kansas City yet again. The Pro Field will be limited to 144 players.

The Amateur side of the event will be playing on Saturday and Sunday, and will play on the same courses that the Pro field played on Friday. Water Works and Cliff Drive will be in the mix, along with historic Rosedale Park. With this park, placement is essential, as there bluffs and drop-offs that make errant shots on 13 of the 18 holes a strong possibility of climbing up some big hills. The Ams will be utilizing a shot gun start all weekend long, and will be teeing off earlier on Sunday to give them all a chance to make it out to Swope to catch quite a few of the rounds of the top in the game. This event will also mark the first time that the event is a Trophy-only event for the Amateur side, and the player's packs will be stocked with items that will make everyone glad that they came to the event, along with providing a challenge of competition on the highest level between multiple divisions. The Am Field is limited to 216, so please ensure that you sign up and don’t miss this opportunity.

The event is going to be yet again a fine showing of some of the best disc golf courses in the country. Although there are many disc golf courses that are great across the land, we feel very fortunate that many historic events and moments have came from events in Kansas City. With one of the most central locations to get to across the country, we are confident that this event will be yet another fine example of great players playing a great game. The courses will be prepared and the cameras will be on, as www.discgolfplanet.tv will be showing the event as well. The play will be fierce with competition, yet good times will still be possible with the hospitality that many have came to associate with Kansas City through their own history of events in our town. Be a part of the myth and lore that Kansas City has: come join us for the 29th annual Kansas City Wide Open, and create your own fond memories, or get rid of some old nightmares by extracting revenge on that course again.

To sign up please visit the following:
Snail Mail:

Want to help support the Event:

If you can’t do the event, we simply ask that you be kind enough to spread the word of it. You may also want to sign up and watch it online at:
http://www.discgolfplanet.tv/ We all make this sport great, each one of us needs to be our own ambassador of the sport. Please help spread the word of disc golf to all that you can!

Thanks for reading; you make the sport what it is today, you help make it better by working at letting people know about it!

Up-to-date local information may be found on our website:

Kansas City Flying Disc Club
-TD Jack Lowe
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Jack Lowe
Wishing the PDGA Well

$50 for AMs this is not to be be missed if you are am AM. Open is what it is.
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Re: KC wide Open 6/9 open 6/10-11 AM

Postby raymandisc on Sat May 14, 2011 2:25 pm

Hi All,

I'm going to this one. As of now we have 2 total in the car. We got room especially if were in the same pool. We're both playing pro masters. Anyone else going? Have not got a hotel yet. There is no tourney hotel. This one is Fri, Sat and Sun. Sunday if you make the finals. Call me at 314-210-3162 if you want to come with.

See ya..
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Postby eupher61 on Wed Jun 08, 2011 7:52 pm

Hey gang...

I'm considering a day trip to KC on Friday, to watch the pros play Water Works and Cliff Drive.

I HAVE to come back Friday night. If anyone can drive I'll go proportional on gas---my own car has no AC, so no one wants to ride with me...

Climo, Feldberg, Jenkins, Locastro, Ulibarri, Doss, Brinster, McBeth, McCabe, Schweberger, Schusterick, Reading, Reading, Jenkins, Stanhope, Brinster, Lopez, Pierce, King...

Even Hal Baby is going to come out of seclusion and play it. It's looking like all the pros may be in one pool at this point, but that's one heckuva pool.

Anyone want to go? If it is one pool, 930am at Water Works, 130 at Cliff Drive.

Please reply here or text/call 314-322-7962.
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Postby eupher61 on Wed Jun 08, 2011 8:01 pm

oh, forgot to add, Saturday and Sunday Prosare going to be live streamed. Sat at Blue Valley, Sunday Swope platinum or something, a reworked course.
$25 gets you a membership to watch all their streams, and the archives. www.discgolfplanet.tv it's been fun so far.

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Re: KC wide Open 6/9 open 6/10-11 AM

Postby eupher61 on Thu Jun 09, 2011 7:04 pm

The Open field is loaded. Should be a great weekend. Have fun with Blue Valley, Ron!
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