Work Days Sat & Sun 11-21,22-2009

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Re: Work Days Sat & Sun 11-21,22-2009

Postby Chris K on Fri Nov 20, 2009 12:31 am

The work at Jefferson Barracks will include removing the old bridge debris from hole 10.
Picking up trash throughout the course but especially on the holes near the apartments; 16, 17, 12, 13, 18. Trash collects in the basins and valleys and gets thrown into the woods by casuals. The course deserves better and the regulars can get it done with very little effort.

Mark is our 'go to' guy at JB but being one man with a bad back, a bad elbow, a bad knee, and a bad shoulder, he is going to need even more help than before.

This course is the site of our next tournament, The Turkey Toss, and it should be in tournament shape. The new bridge at hole 10 is a good start. Another bridge at hole 9 is being planned and a new kiosk is in the works.

Ideally, there would be 8 to 10 guys with trash bags working the course on Saturday. You guys could be playing golf by 1p.

Thanks for helping out.
Chris K
PS. Seek out the trash. If it catches your eye, go after it.
Chris K
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