Topics for tracking our St. Louis area course maintenance projects as well as individual course hours.


Postby scorekeeper on Sat Nov 23, 2013 11:52 am

What happened to all the volunteers ;
As I sit here looking at the posts for maintenance of area courses
I can only feel a little disconnect from where this club was to where it is today
500 members and I can only generate 6 to 10 people to help with what i thought was going to be a wonderful addition to OUR CLUB

TWO courses in one location

Did I do something wrong ?

Have I asked to much from this club ,or is it just so divided people only help at there home courses.
Is it because people think I have to be in charge of every decision ?
Please before the WEB POLICE delete my post Will some one help me figure this out.
I am a grown man and can handle the truth .
If you don't feel comfortable with posting here Please Call my cell 314 330 0045
I have been saddened by the lack of help and have kept these feeling to myself long enough
No one can say or do anything that will hurt my feelings bad enough to keep me from finishing this course.
i just want closure for my on peace of mind. :roll: :roll: :ugeek: OUT!
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Re: Volunteers

Postby irwinje on Sat Nov 23, 2013 12:59 pm

I can assure you that YOU did nothing wrong.
I think YOU have been instrumental in this entire process and we wouldn't be where we are without your help. And Betty's help. Thanks again Betty, it is great, that you have put in so much time and effort to this project without even being a golfer.

The problems

Life: It is hectic and consuming and hard to take a break to volunteer. There are plenty of times that I have wanted to come out and work, but before you know it something else pops up and volunteering gets pushed back.

Choices: When it comes to the weekend and people have to decide between playing or working they'll choose playing 9/10times. This makes for an awfully long process when you have this much work to do.

Proximity: Most golfers only care about home courses. The ones they play every day or week. They're probably happy about the project, but not happy enough in it to help out and try to make the entire St. Louis disc golf scene better.

My opinion: If we could get 20+ guys out there each weekend for the next couple weeks/months, this course could be DONE. Once it is in the ground, we can ALL play it and enjoy the hard work of Francis, Betty and the other volunteers that have invested their free time to help make the course better.
Once the course is done, we can have the best Club Champs ever, the biggest/best A-Tier in the state. We may be able to throw our hat in for USDGC and have the best golfers in the world come play in St. Louis.
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Re: Volunteers

Postby scottscar on Mon Nov 25, 2013 1:00 am

I really wish that I could be out there helping with the new Sioux. There have been a few days that I had permission from the wife to come out and help, but bad weather caused the work day to be cancelled. Just my luck. I love working outside, and would love it even more to have my efforts result in a sexy new disc golf course, but I have barely been able to find time to take leaves lately.

Time availability is a limiting factor for everybody, so I can understand that scheduled work days are difficult to get in motion to begin with. However, if there was a way that work could be done outside of the one or two scheduled times, I would do everything in my power to get out there a few hours at least once a week.

I'm sure there are regulations set by the parks department on when and how work can be done, and we certainly don't want folks going out and chopping down random trees. The course design is the most important factor of an installation job, but it sounds like there is a lot of grunt work that I for one would not mind taking care of. Chopped brush could be left behind, and cleared later.some stakes could denote a area that needs to be dug up for tee boxes. Spray painted or flagged brush could be cleared. These are just a few ideas that one or two people could take care of in just a few free hours during the week allowing for the more skilled labor to take place on the scheduled work days.

I also have a bunch of shovels, saws, rakes, etc. that I would be glad to donate to the work crew for the remainder of the installation. I could even leave em out there covered by a tarp, so others could pitch in while out for a round.

My son is now in day care a few days a week, and I have random days off in the middle of the week, but I just have no way of getting out to Sioux on Sundays. Let me know if you think this is a good idea, and what sort of tasks should be completed. Like I said before, I am itching to help build a course, and I know some extra elbow grease is needed, so just hit me up if you like.

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Re: Volunteers

Postby Lazerface on Mon Nov 25, 2013 2:34 pm

Sorry Francis, I cant imagine how frustrating this is. I have to agree with Jeff on this one. Most of the work days set during the week are just not makable for me cause of my typicall 9 to 5 work hours. I also have a pregnant wife at home so my leash is pretty short at the moment. As far as Sunday work days go, I will readily admit I have selfishly chosen to play disc golf over the work days a couple of times. I'm getting in very few rounds these days, but that is no excuse. I have also had multiple baby showers and bullshit on Sundays that have kept me around the home. Trust me, even building a disc golf course is leaving the house for "disc golf" in the wife's eyes. I'm not one of the folk who are able to pay 5 days a week regardless of having a family at home. Call be whipped, but I love spending time at home, and I call it committed. There has to be a ton of club members in college and working the restuarant industry that are available, but your attendance may not atest to this. Basically, if you work regular hours, weedays ain't happening, and with all the huge cultural obligations on Sundays....Church...football....sitting on your ass before getting up at 5 AM for work on Monday. It's hard to draw a crowd.

So, just lmk the next weekend work day that comes up and I'll do my best, but I cannot make any gurantees on this.

THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK GUYS. As always, it's a small handfull that gets it all done.
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Re: Volunteers

Postby Stubborn Puppet on Mon Nov 25, 2013 5:44 pm

I would say that the forums are honestly only read by about 30 or so people. So, this is honestly a terrible place to expect any realistic level of response. I'd say that you should also post it on Facebook, but I don't use FB and I don't think we have anyone who is currently keeping the STLDGC FB page updated. I'm not a social media guy, just had enough knowledge to volunteer to help with the forums while we look for someone with actual time and website administration experience to step up and do it.

I don't know what the best answer for getting the word out to volunteers is, but I would guess it's got to be a combination of ALL things. Forums, Facebook, Twitter, The STLDGC home page, posting notices all over the course at SP, posting the same notices at other courses... and word of mouth. I know that the weekly email from the club has been touting the work days, right at the top... but I suspect that a good deal of folks on that list have marked our emails as "junk" and never read them. :(

I tell everyone I run into about the workdays at SP. Most of them give answers to your dilemma which fall in line with the comments of the 4 folks above this. I wish I could do more for you buddy, but I already have a ton of volunteer duties with the club and have come to the point that I'm only getting to play 1 game of DG every other week.

I sure hope you keep up the hard work and that your faith in humanity can someday be redeemed.

I'll keep spreading the word... if you need help making a flyer about the work days, let me know and I'll be happy to. I really think that having that up at all the local courses and stapled to every post at SP would make a difference.

ALSO: Please check your email Scorekeeper, I sent you some other thoughts.
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Re: Volunteers

Postby dandruff1138 on Thu Nov 28, 2013 8:49 pm

Yeah these forums seem dead, and shame on me I should be helping more as well. Personally Sundays are terrible for me, Maybe Saturdays would be better?
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