2014 3 Man Throwdown Against MS

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2014 3 Man Throwdown Against MS

Postby dehaas on Wed Mar 05, 2014 7:55 am

It's time again to start the planning, this year's tournament will be held on Sunday, August 24. I'm always looking to make the event better each year, and have had enough feedback to change things up a bit for this year. We've played 2 rounds of 21 after adding a few temp holes the last 2 years, which makes for an early start and a late finish for the day. The city of Highland has agreed to give me use of the ENTIRE park (minus the boat ramp) on tournament day. They're on board with me setting up a once a year 27 hole layout, as there is a lot of extra room on the current back 9.

With that in mind, the tentative plan is moving the tee time back an hour to 10am, playing one round of 27, then doing lunch and the raffle afterwards. This also leaves plenty of daylight for anybody who would want to play a cash/tag round later on. As much as I like some of the more difficult placements on the course, realistically they'll be changed in order to prevent bottlenecking. I know 16 and 17 have been issues in the past.

I'm looking to start placing disc orders soon, so hopefully in a few weeks I'll have some awesome plastic available for anybody who is interested. Entry fee will again be $25 per person and include a custom stamped disc and lunch.

I'm always open to input or suggestions on how to streamline or improve the tournament, so let me know if you have any suggestions.
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Re: 2014 3 Man Throwdown Against MS

Postby dehaas on Tue Mar 25, 2014 8:17 am

I got the first batch of tournament stamped plastic a few days ago from Legacy. I have Legend Ghosts, Bandits, Patriots, and Rivals. I've also got Pinnacle Ghosts, Gravity Ghosts, and Protege Clutches and Clozers. If you played the Legacy Ace Race and are looking to try some of their other stuff out hit me up.
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Re: 2014 3 Man Throwdown Against MS

Postby Andyli 78 on Tue Apr 22, 2014 11:08 am

Have you ever thought having MVP disc at Tournament. I think they are best disc out there. If interested I can contact the people in charge of MVP
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Re: 2014 3 Man Throwdown Against MS

Postby dehaas on Wed May 21, 2014 7:35 am

I've looked at MVP in the past, but other manufacturers offer better pricing and include merchandise with custom orders. I use all of the extra freebies as prizes.

On a side note, my Innova custom order came in about a week ago. I've got dx flat topped rocs, gstar and champ teebirds, gstar and star destroyers, champ glow firebirds, gstar and champ glow terns, and Discmania s and c line PD's.
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Re: 2014 3 Man Throwdown Against MS

Postby mason on Wed Jun 04, 2014 9:41 am

any pics of the discs to post?
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2014 3 Man Throwdown Against MS

Postby emptv on Fri Jun 06, 2014 6:16 pm

Disc Up,
As always, team LAKER will be in attendance and Larry ask to have one of those sweet g-star terns saved for him.

Fly long & prosper!
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Re: 2014 3 Man Throwdown Against MS

Postby dehaas on Wed Jul 02, 2014 7:52 am

Here are a couple of pics of the stamp and plastic...



Sorry I couldn't embed the pics into the post itself, apparently the picture dimensions are too large.

I went out to the course last week and finalized where I'm going to be putting the extra 9 holes. The first 3 will play between holes 8 and 9, the same ones I've used in previous years. The fourth temp hole will play between holes 11 and 12 through the woods that 11's basket plays in. The fifth temp hole will play across the street from 12's long basket along the lake, the sixth will run back across the street and play through a gap in the woods. The seventh hole works back towards 13's tee and is a nice protected rhbh turnover shot. The 8th and 9th holes will play back behind 16's long basket and work back towards 17's tee. Overall I'm happy with the holes, personally I don't mind temp holes in tournaments but don't like them if they're bad golf holes. I think these are quality holes that work in line with the flow of the course. I'm gonna try to have a map with measured distances of all 27 holes, and the temp holes will be labeled A through I. So if you started on hole 1 you'd play 1-8, then holes A, B, C, 9, 10, 11, D, 12, E, F, G, 13, 14, 15, 16, H, I, and then 18.

While I was out tossing the lines on the temp holes I made sure the baskets were moved to the positions we will be using for the tournament. They are:

1) original short placement
2) original short placement
3) long placement
4) original short placement
5) original short placement
6) original short placement
7) original long placement
8) long placement
9) long placement
10) original placement (tucked on the hill down closer to the water)
11) original short placement
12) long placement
13) short placement
14) short placement
15) original short placement
16) short placement
17) short placement
18) short placement

I was very hesitant to move 16 and 17 short this year, but having those 2 back to back just slows play down too much. I think this is going to play much quicker than previous years, so anybody wanting to play more than 27 on the day can definitely organize a tag or cash round after we're done. Since we are just playing 1 expanded round of 27 I plan on having some sort of ctp or longest putt prize on every hole. I've gotten some more of the sponsorship details worked out, so I'll get flyers printed and posted at local courses next week.
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Re: 2014 3 Man Throwdown Against MS

Postby schimmy on Thu Jul 03, 2014 9:09 am

i love the basket location changes on 16 and 17. the backups are nuts on those holes. also i'm real happy with only playing 27. last year's tourney was super long and for those of us driving back to west county/st charles it really sucked.
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Re: 2014 3 Man Throwdown Against MS

Postby jeffthrow6892 on Thu Jul 03, 2014 3:49 pm

I agree that all these changes this year are good ideas, both # 16 & # 17 going A placements, & doing 27 holes........ :idea: :!:
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Re: 2014 3 Man Throwdown Against MS

Postby dehaas on Fri Jul 11, 2014 6:03 pm

Did some trimming today and marked tees and basket placements for the temp holes if anybody wants to check them out ahead of time.

Holes A, B, and C will play between holes 8 and 9 as in past years. Hole D tees off about 50 feet beyond the long placement on hole 11 and is a hyzer shot along the lake going towards the gazebo. I measured it at 390 today. To get to hole E you cross the street after playing to 12's long basket. There is a natural row of trees and the tee is towards the end of the row of trees. It plays downhill through a gap, then goes back uphill and the basket will be on the downward slope between 3 trees getting towards the lake. It plays 540 and will be a par 4 (17 short is the only other 4). After completing E you will cross the parking lot and the tee for F is near the rock climb wall. It plays downhill through a gap, then through another gap with some trees to navigate to get to the basket, slightly left. It measured at 400. If you're facing back down F's fairway, hole G is off to your left. Hole G's tee and the tee of hole 15 basically sit back to back. It has prairie grass on the left and is a right hand turnover or forehand shot, at 354. Follow the prairie grass around back to hole 13's tee. After playing the short basket on 16, temp hole H's tee is long and right, along the woods. The fairway plays right over the long placement on 16, through a wall of trees, and is tucked between 2 trees right at 380. Hole I plays back parallel to G. It's a bit shorter, 272, but more technical, looks like a roller would be a good shot on it.

I just wanted to get the tees and baskets marked so I could measure and trim, on tournament day itself I'll have more directional arrows guiding you through the flow of the temp holes. If anybody is out there and wants to check them out I'd appreciate any feedback. Things could be tweaked a bit if need be.
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