Ice Bowl - SCCDGC - January 18th

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Ice Bowl - SCCDGC - January 18th

Postby magic on Tue Dec 31, 2013 2:20 pm

Ice Bowl
2014-01-18 Ice Bowl.jpg
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Re: Ice Bowl - SCCDGC - January 18th

Postby Stiffcomp on Mon Feb 10, 2014 5:52 pm

any scores to post?
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Re: Ice Bowl - SCCDGC - January 18th

Postby magic on Wed Feb 12, 2014 7:31 pm

Scores were posted on Facebook either the day of the tournament or the day after. I have everything posted below if all you want is results. A quick bit of commentary first for those that care...

The SCCDGC gets 90+% of info and registrations on their Facebook page. For example there have been about 40 teams sign up for the QR Spring league on Facebook and only 1 on this website. I always tried to post info and results both here and on Facebook, but the reality is that there are very few people getting info on club news at this site. I think it still should be posted here for those who refuse to sign up for Facebook, but that leads me to this...

I HATE Facebook for personal info. However I created a fake account and posted 100's of things over a few years. I never had a problem with my personal life getting involved. For those that hate Facebook and want to keep up with news and info on the SCCDGC I'd suggest getting a Facebook account. You can keep your profile strictly to disc golf related news if you create a fake account. And the SCCDGC does have any excellent page as far as getting info on what's happening or if you just want to find someone to get a round in.

OK, I'm done preaching. Here are the Ice Bowl results. It was an excellent day of disc golf with a lot of cash and cans donated to OASIS Food Pantry and Thrift Shop. We had 2 people who personally donated over 250 cans each. Thank you Mark Myers and Josh Cole. I can't remember the exact number of cans donated, but Mark did beat out Josh by 10 or so cans to have the highest number of cans donated. That beat Josh's streak of 3 years or so in a row of having the most cans donated. In the end the charity came out as the biggest winner. I look forward to seeing what these guys can do next year.

Jan. 18, 2014
Quail Ridge

78 players 81 paid
Raised $800 for charity
1187 cans of food donated

Ben Hart 54
Chris Gore 54
Jeff Junte 54
Tim Sullivan 54
Bryan Barklage 54
Craig Van Ness 54
Jerry Barklage 57
Tim Kallbrier 58
Mark Burks 58
Mark Kane 58
Harley Nolan 58
Matt Carter 59
Doug Epstein 59
Jamie Cassidy 59
Nick Cicerelli 59
Zach Roach 60
Brian Strokotter 60
Allen Hooper 60
Kevin Jelinek 60
Nick Labanca 61
Tim O’Shea 61
Eric Twedell 61
Matt Canada 61
Shane Chesher 61
Gage Severns 61
Danny White 61
Tim Conley 61
Jim Nelms 62
Adam Proffer 62
Mark Meyers 62
Nick Forbeck 62
Brian Gosling 62
Scott Paul 62
Darrel Williams 62
Mike Lesniak 62
Greg Kuehn 63
Steve Kleiber 64
Justin W. Douglas 64
Will Rosa 64
Doug McCormick 64
Dan Nixon 64
Clifford Rush 64
Brian Walls 64
Chris Wehmer 65
Vince Weber 65
Bob Lenau 65
Joe Bryson 65
Jusin L. Douglas 65
Rebekah Kersey 65
Tim Wiegard 65
Travis Fry 65
Nate Kern 66
Ryan Ramshaw 66
Will Faust 66
Kirk Tass 66
Pat Wuenneberg 66
Mike Allison 66
Joe Williams 66
Rick Maassen 67
Trevor Rice 67
Zack Meder 67
Matt Mays 67
Mike Crangle 68
Ricky Wells 68
Rich Servens 68
Kevin Clooney 69
Andy Majesky 70
Josh Cole 70
Chris Long 71
Justin Dye 72
Drew Singer 72
Tim Green 73
Jeree Mitts 73
Scott Hodd 73
Jake Green 74
Randy Singer 76
Chad Elfe 77
Jeremy Logan 81
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Re: Ice Bowl - SCCDGC - January 18th

Postby magic on Wed Feb 12, 2014 7:42 pm

Did I forget to mention that I might have posted the scores here sooner if mine wasn't so pathetic. It was a rough day of golf for me. At least there was another great player who tied my score. We were on the same card though...I must have really brought him down!
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