A suggestion for a Father/Son tournament

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A suggestion for a Father/Son tournament

Postby 5Milosboys on Fri Nov 16, 2012 12:28 pm

Hey. Most of you probably frequent DGCR, and as always, much of the forum chatter has to do with "growing the sport". One such thread sparked an idea in my head, and I thought I should bring it up here.

Involve the youth in the sport, begin cultivating the next crop. I think we can all see the sense in this.

So, why haven't we held a Parent/child event? I think Schroeder would be a great venue, alt tee positions by age division, double format, parent/child teams, each hole "mentored" by a local "pro" (ie.,hole 1 soandso shows the kids a roller, hole 2 different soandso shows the kids an anny...whatever). Keep the entry fee minimal, give out plaques for 1,2,3...maybe a custom mini for each player. Give me a reason to bring my 7 year old out. But even more than that, maybe I talk my work buddy into coming out with HIS kid, neither of whom have ever played.
I know there are logistic issues to be ironed out, but I think the idea has a ton of merit, and if we're going to keep talking about growth, let's get to planting the seeds.
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