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Re: Lindenwood Open - SCCDGC - June 16th

Postby magic on Sat Jun 16, 2012 8:24 pm

Thanks to everyone for coming out and braving the heat. We had 52 players make it. A total of 49 players paid the additional $5 for the CTP package and 21 players paid the $3 non-member fee.

I may not have some of the ties correct, but the amount that was paid out to each spot is correct.

The ace pool started at $99. There was $52 added to bring the total to $151. There were 2 aces hit. Harley Nolan hit hole # 6 and Josh Henson hit hole #3. Only Harley was a SCCDGC member and eligible for their ace pool. It pays out 60%, so $90 went to Harley with $61 carrying over to the next event. I’ll explain more in the financials, but Kane was going to take $1 per person from the CTP buy in for skins, but decided not to. This was instead split between the 2 aces, so Harley got an additional $24 and Josh gets $25. Harley also received $37 additional for that ace since it was a cash CTP hole. Not a bad payout for him!

49 players @ $5
$1 to ace pool for Harley & Josh = $49
$1 to SLIK/SCCDGC/Misc for merch prizes = $49
$3 to cash CTP’s = $147

Hole 1 – John Kister - $37 cash
Hole 2 – Austin McBride - $20 Jimmy Johns Gift Card
Hole 5 – Jeff Junte – ABC Pool Gift Card
Hole 6 – Harley Nolan (ACE!) - $37 cash
Hole 8 – Justin Bunnell – SLIK putter and towel
Hole 9 – Roger Reyes - $12 SCCDGC voucher
Hole 10 – Jim Misuraca – Zanfel
Hole 11 – Bryan Johnson – RCF Discs
Hole 14 – Mike Cruz – Zanfel
Hole 17 – Steve Brown - $37 cash
Hole 18 – Bryan Johnson - $36 cash
There was also an additional $12 SCCDGC voucher and SLIK putter/towel on 2 other CTP’s, but don’t have the flag and don’t know the winners. There were 4 CTP’s provided by the LAKERS for the first round only, but don’t have the winners.

52 players @ $20 = $1040
21 non-member fees @ $3 = $63
Total = $1103

Minus $2 per player to the SCCDGC = $104
Minus $1 for the ace pool = $52
Minus $23 for misc expenses
Total expenses = $179

There was $63 added from the non-member fees which was taken off the expenses.

Total expenses = $116
Total per player = $2.23 ($116/52 players)

16 players @ $20 = $320
Minus per player expenses = $35.68
Total payout = $284.31

5 players @ $20 = $100
Minus per player expenses = $11.15
Total payout = $88.85

9 players @ $20 = $180
Minus per player expenses = $20.07
Total payout = $159.92

13 players @ $20 = $260
Minus per player expenses = $28.99
Total payout = $231.00

9 players @ $20 = $180
Minus per player expenses = $20.07
Total payout = $159.92
2012-06-16 Lindenwood Open Results.jpg
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Re: Lindenwood Open - SCCDGC - June 16th

Postby mkane on Sun Jun 17, 2012 1:13 am

Lindenwood July 16, 2012 Epilogue

Like anything, the goal is to try to improve. Walk the walk and Talk the talk.

Well let us see how I did:

What I said:
“I expect scores for the Top Fifty rated players to be 6 under or better”.Maybe for the winners of the Open Divisions; the RCF top 100 were closer to par. The wind and the lack of play contributed to this.

“Hole 6 is an ace run…….to be eligible for stardom, fame and perhaps a few dollars if any players in your group are in the 51 club.” Ace on hole 6! I called it!

Thankfully because I also said this:

“SKINS”Thankfully, there were 2 aces, I blew the Skins deal and did not get done, I opted out the easy way out paying out the aces as the skin winners. In the future, a Skins team will need to volunteer to run the skins and skin the scorecards to make that work.

“I have spread word to all the great women golfers that this tourney”
It is what it is; the next women’s tourney I will try to feature is the women’s GDT. I hope to able to better connect and support the women who are playing.

“I found on the RCF’s most excellent weekly update”If you do not subscribe yet; you have to get on this list, it currently is the best event info source in the St. Louis Region and we will work to make it better.

“I will make some of the areas OB’s.”
I believe the strings were successful, and not too BS’ish. I think the scores reflect that for now, no more string is required for difficulty. However separating 16 and 15 is possible as is marking hole 13 by the gate and behind the basket for the Upcoming Bluebird Series.

“I will have the honorable Ted Spies inject a scorecard into this thread”
“(I honestly don’t know who calls these names as I am making it up as I go!)

I did not make enough score cards, I mean I did but I got carried away with Technical Birdie Sector, Arming Sector, Technical Gut-Check Sector! Absolute genius but I gave to many away. I think I may just make a tourney scorecard/course description to hand out at the players meeting and use stock cards.

While I am at it, I had three more issues where I scored low:

The tee pads could have been marked better.
And finally, these two combined grave underestimates: to play in the tourney and to insure the water was distributed throughout the course. Paving my own path; a natural consequence (DNF).

Enough said; if you like to do a little part, it would go a long way, pick your tourney, call the TD, and tell him you can help. We are growing, and the events are getting better and better because of this simple process that makes you feel good too.

Finally our SPONSORS:

We cannot hold these events, make money to improve our courses and have nice CTP packages and competitive rewards without your sponsors:

Gateway Disc Golf sent a box of Evolution Karmas to distribute to the winners of each card after the first round. This disc served the winner of the Open division Jim Misuraca very well. In fact, on Friday, he was my doubles partner. Raving about his new go to disc that turns out it to be the Karma! Thanks Gateway! Looks like the Karma is good!

Jimmie Johns Sub Shop – Donated a $20 gift card. A big Thank You to Corey O’Brien he was a big help at the tourney, and was able to secure this gift card.

The Lakers donated 4 CTPS and Lakerland created Hole 7 – Heaven. Thank you Bruce

Slik – Scorecards and CTP’s and Volunteer Work

RCF – CTP’s and promoting our event on their web page

St Charles Disc Golf – Andy Majesky will be a top TD advisor in my dream team for the worlds

Derek Green, thank you for donating the ABC Pool Hall gift card.
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Re: Lindenwood Open - SCCDGC - June 16th

Postby fairweather_fan on Sun Jun 17, 2012 7:19 pm

The River City Ratings for the Lindenwood Open are posted both on the Club website's Stats & Ratings page and in the River City Ratings thread here on the forums...check 'em out and post any comments or needed corrections.

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