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New disc manufacturer...Vibram

Postby BubbaKick on Fri Feb 20, 2009 2:00 pm

Vibram has jumped into disc golf, sponsoring the MSDGC replacement tournament last Summer. At the time they made a limited release of a putter prototype in the super rubbery material you would expect from Vibram. It looks like they are going to bring it and another putter to market.

09-01-20 - Vibram V.P.
The V.P. is a stable to slightly over stable putter that can withstand the force needed for long approaches while maintaining a true flight path. Engineered using Vibram’s new X-Link polymer, the V.P. fuses the properties of rubber and plastic to offer excellent . “The V.P. is over stable enough to be trusted in the wind and easily handles the power needed for a rock solid approach disc,” says Quabaug Technical Development Manager and avid disc golfer Aaron Ala.

The V.P. was approved yesterday, some figures:
Outside diameter: 21.0 cm (max weight 174.3 grams)
Inside rim diameter: 19.1 cm
Height: 2.0 cm
Rim depth: 1.6 cm
Rim thickness: 0.9 cm
Flexibility rating: 4.76 kg
Rim configuration rating: 66,75

09-01-30 - Vibram Summit
The second disc from Vibram/Quabag is called Summit, it was approved by the PDGA earlier this week. The Summit is also a true putter with a shallow rim, it is made in a very soft and flexible plastic/rubber material.

Some figures:
Outside diameter: 21.1 cm (max weight 175.1 grams)
Inside rim diameter: 18.9 cm
Height: 1.9 cm
Rim depth: 1.2 cm
Rim thickness: 0.9 cm
Flexibility rating: 0.56 kg
Rim configuration rating: 61,25

I though I'd post this even though it is old news since Innova announced the R-plastic putters today. I'm guessing the R-plastic is in response to these discs.
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Re: New disc manufacturer...Vibram

Postby emptv on Sun Feb 22, 2009 11:56 pm

They also make material for teepads. Very nice reviews from what I have read.

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Re: New disc manufacturer...Vibram

Postby BubbaKick on Mon Feb 23, 2009 12:20 am

Yeah, the tee pad idea I'm not so big on. When I heard of them my mind instantly flashed back to the 80's when I worked in a community center that had an "athletic carpet" surface in the gym. The grip was great, you could cut on a dime. We carried two guys off the court a week with blown out knees. They would plant their foot and their knees would let go before the carpet did. Later on I got a job at a place with a wooden floor. Guys fell down more often, but we only had maybe two or three guys get seriously hurt each year.

Sooo...I'm thinking I'll take my chances slipping on a concrete tee, thank you.
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