Shark, Wraiths, and a Crush at Unger

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Shark, Wraiths, and a Crush at Unger

Postby DGPete on Thu Jul 30, 2009 1:50 pm

I forgot to post these as a separate topic. These were lost right before or during the Massacre.

Hole 10 - Red Champion Wraith off to the right in the deep stuff the day before the tourney
Its ironic because we didn't even play from the actual tee pad during the Massacre

Hole 13 - Light Green Crush about 20 feet from shore

Hole 14- White Pro Shark 6 feet from shore and Light Pink Wraith 20 feet from shore

I would love these back. Trade or cash if necessary. My name and number should be on them.

Thanks and good golfing,

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