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be aware

Postby hohman on Sun Oct 02, 2011 11:55 pm

There is someone from st louis with the name of ? that is taking other's disc and selling them on ebay. I caught him red handed and he said my friend was SOL. If anyone knows this guy give him a swift kick in the junk.

I edited this post because the person in question sent a PM demanding I take this post off as it was slander. So, since I can't prove it was him that was taking the discs I erased his name. I hope whoever is taking the disc will see this and think second about it.

On another note if a person is trying to sell you a disc with another name and number on it maybe as fellow discers we should ask about it.
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Re: be aware

Postby ilmcgee on Mon Oct 03, 2011 8:45 pm

I know how you feel. I witness some similar stuff a few weeks ago, and others have posted their experiences too. I like DG and to be positive, I think that stuff like this is happening means that the sport is reaching more people. On the negative side, we seem to be drawing the wrong crowd.
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