How to join STLDGC

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How to join STLDGC

Postby Rusty on Sun Jan 10, 2016 1:50 pm

The website's joining page is for 2013, and I cannot seem to find a list of people with tags and discs for new members. Can somebody please point that out or let me know who I can meet and where. I am in Webster Groves.
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Re: How to join STLDGC

Postby miketemporary on Sun Jan 10, 2016 5:26 pm

check the calendar for the next/nearest RCF event.

even if they don't get the online sign-up figured out by then, you can always join at an RCF event
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Re: How to join STLDGC

Postby Chris Kinsella on Sun Jan 10, 2016 10:51 pm

We don't have anyone working on the current website. We do have a new website in the works but that is not up yet. The info on the membership page needs updating as some things have changed but the basics are the same. You can join the Club at our events or any event I go to. I live in Rock Hill so you can come by most evenings. You can also sign up online through our Proshop. Mark Dudenhoeffer (JB), Scott Galvin (SP), Daniel Doss (WT), Bob Waidmann (WB) have tags as well.

Chris Kinsella
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