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SCCDGC News & Info

Postby magic on Mon Jan 09, 2012 12:27 pm

We'll start with a copy of our schedule for this year. It was also under the events tab last time I checked.

One thing we are doing this year is raffling off an Innova Discatcher portable basket. Every participant in a SCCDGC event this year begininng with the Ice Bowl and up to and including the Club Championships in September will receive one raffle ticket in a drawing for this basket. You will receive 1 ticket for every event played. Additional tickets can be purchased. The raffle will be drawn at the Club Champs.

There is now an ace pool that stands at a whooping $21 going into the Ice Bowl! $1 of the entry fee from every participant in a SCCDGC event will go into the ace pool. This may not include the 2 glow events run on behalf of the parks dept (that is yet to be determined). The ace pool will pay out as follows with anything not paid out carrying over to the next event:
$0-100 = 50%
$101-200 = 60%
$201-300 = 70%
$301-400 = 80%
$400+ = 90%
SCCDGC 2012 Tournament Schedule.jpg
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Re: SCCDGC News & Info

Postby magic on Mon Jan 09, 2012 12:41 pm

There are 2 different options for joining the SCCDGC. For $20 you will receive your 2012 tag along with a $10 voucher that can be redeemed at any event or at the Quail Ridge league beginning in March. The other option is to pay $12 and you only receive your 2012 tag. Members are eligible for the ace pool at all SCCDGC events and you will also avoid a surcharge for non-members that will be in place for many events.

You can join the club directly through myself, Jim Nelms, Greg Kuehn or Tim Wiegard. You can also join at any club event. Another option is to mail a check to SCCDGC Memberships, 136 Marble Crossing Drive, Wentzville, MO 63385. I'll mail your tag and voucher (if you choose that option) to you free of charge. We currently don't have the availablity to sign up on-line.

Below is the current membership list:
1. Allen, Brad
2. Amos, Alan
3. Bagnard, Steve
4. Barklage, Bryan
5. Barklage, Jerry
6. Barklage, Kenny
7. Bemis, Missy
8. Bernhardt, Roger
9. Boley, Shawn
10. Brown, Steve
11. Brown, T.C.
12. Bryson, Joe
13. Burks, Mark
14. Campbell, Corey
15. Chesher, Shane
16. Claeys III, Camiel
17. Clark, Matthew
18. Cole, Josh
19. Done, Justin
20. Doss, Dan
21. Douglas, Justin
22. Dudenhoeffer, Mark
23. Eckler, Mike
24. English, Matt
25. Epstien, Doug
26. Finan, Tim
27. Galmiche, Ben
28. Galmiche, Damon
29. Gambetta, Anthony
30. Gardner, Nathan
31. Garland, Bryan
32. Gibson, Lee
33. Gist, Dave
34. Goodrich, Grant
35. Gore, Chris
36. Green, Derek
37. Green, Philip
38. Hall, Eric
39. Harrison, Jake
40. Hoffman, Chuck
41. Horvath, Chris
42. Irish, Dan
43. Jaegers, Joe
44. Jelinek, Kevin
45. Johnson, Bryan
46. Junte, Jeff
47. Kane, Mark
48. Kersey, Rebekah
49. Keimon, Justin
50. Kinsella, Chris
51. Kister, John
52. Klieber, Steve
53. Kuehn, Greg
54. Lansing, Andrew
55. Lewis, Ryan
56. Ligon, Jeff
57. Locastro, Nikko
58. Lucas, Tim
59. Maassen, Rick
60. Majesky, Andy
61. Mays, Matt
62. McCormick, Doug
63. McPeak, Keith
64. Misuraca, Jim
65. Mitts, Jeree
66. Moellenbeck, Don
67. Nelms, Jim
68. Nivens, Matt
69. Obrien, Corey
70. Paul, Scott
71. Pavia, Tony
72. Pridgeon, Jeff
73. Pryor, Scott
74. Reeds, John
75. Reinhardt, Aaron
76. Ronald, Jeff
77. Sexton, Justin
78. Sherman, David
79. Sherman, Michael
80. Singer, Randy
81. Smith, Scott
82. Strokotter, Brian
83. Stroup, Zak
84. Sullivan, Tim
85. Thierry, Alex
86. Twedell, Eric
87. VanNess, Craig
88. VanNess, Craig REPLACEMENT TAG
89. Vuichard, Ray
90. Waidmann, Bob
91. Walls, Brian
92. West, Dave
93. West, Johnny
94. Whitaker, Kyle
95. Wiegard, Tim
96. Williams, Joe
97. Wilson, David
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Re: SCCDGC News & Info

Postby magic on Mon Jan 09, 2012 1:02 pm

One final post for today. Attached is a copy of our club financials. I will try to get this updated after each event. As much as possible I'm going to try and keep the merchandise and everything else separate. This may be tough to do as we build up our supply, but we'll see how it goes. The only thing on merchandise that I will be tracking is the vouchers given out. Anything that is paid for directly with cash will be on Jim Nelms since he is handling the merchandise.

This is easy for me to understand since I was the one to put it together, but realize it can be confusing for others. If you have any questions on anything please feel free to ask. I think as I update it and get it posted after every event it will be easier to figure out what is going on and where our club stands.

A few quick notes though to clarify a few things:

Where it shows 25 memberships @ $8.75 each is only including everyone who joined the club since the club championships. Everyone who played in the club champs was calculated differently and had to be kept separate. There were 41 participants in the club champs. There are currently 67 members (41 from club champs, 25 since then and 1 tag given out for free).

On the expenses, the 8' 4x4 and the concrete was bought to replace the tee sign post on hole #10 at QR which had broken off. I've spent about $24 on card stock paper to print out scorecards and leaderboard cards. For that price I was able to print out about 1000 leaderboard cards and 1000 scorecards both with a full color logo. The leaderboard cards should last about 2 years and we should have enough scorecards to cover league and tournaments for the next year.
2012 SCCDGC Financials.jpg
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Re: SCCDGC News & Info

Postby gflap on Mon Jan 09, 2012 1:58 pm

Cant wait for the battle royale. Just need to find 2 clowns willing to partner with Sir Flappington.
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Re: SCCDGC News & Info

Postby Chris K on Mon Jan 09, 2012 6:09 pm

My first thought is, if I have to ask I don't qualify. What is the battle royale, Greg?
Chris K
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Re: SCCDGC News & Info

Postby Whitebirch on Tue Jan 10, 2012 12:50 am

Chris K 3man tournament at Quail pick your own partners
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Re: SCCDGC News & Info

Postby Jorge on Tue Jan 10, 2012 8:15 am

There is an unofficial event scheduled for March 3rd:

The Third Annual Jorge Invitational (aka the ABI).

3 rounds at Quail Ridge, Blues, Whites, then Reds. Tee off is at 7:30 am. Best way to do it is bring a group of 3 or four to play with, bring your lunch or order pizza and eat between the white and red round. Please RSVP before hand so I have an idea of how many groups there are. If you cannot make the whole day, just play what you can.

There is no charge to play, and therefore there are no prizes. It's just a fun day of disc golf at the Ridge. Josh Cole is the defending Champion. See you there.
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Re: SCCDGC News & Info

Postby magic on Mon Jan 23, 2012 11:28 am

I have updated the current membership list from an earlier post. There has also been one schedule change. The 3 man event has been moved to Sunday, March 18 to avoid conflicts with St. Patrick's Day. I've updated the schedule in the first post.

Below are the updated financials after the Ice Bowl. I did have to pay for the shelter rental at QR for the 5 events we will holding there this year. The cost for the rental will come out of the entry fees for each event and I'll add them back in after each event.

If you have any questions please let me know.
2012 SCCDGC Financials.jpg
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Re: SCCDGC News & Info

Postby magic on Mon Mar 19, 2012 2:52 pm

Here is an update as to where the club stands financially. I did combine all of the times I have bought card stock paper into one line item to make things a little neater. We now have a good supply of scorecards, leadercards and vouchers, so we shouldn't have to buy anymore for quite a while. I have also updated the membership list in an earlier post. Next update will be after the Crusade.
2012 SCCDGC Financials.jpg
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Re: SCCDGC News & Info

Postby magic on Mon Apr 16, 2012 11:11 am

Updated club financials.
2012 SCCDGC Financials & Membership List.jpg
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