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New Look for the Forums and Website!

Postby fairweather_fan on Tue Jan 03, 2012 12:30 pm

Hello, all- you may be wondering why everything looks different around here all of a sudden. We've made some changes to the look and layout of both our main website as well as the forums, and i thought i'd put together a post to explain what all is going on, and some tips or pointers on how to change the look of the forums back to the 'old style' if you'd prefer.

Forum 'Style' Change:

The default 'style' or look of the forums has been changed to "prosilver". it gives a little wider format display of the forums and, in my opinion, looks a bit cleaner than the "prosilver SE" that has been the default style in the past. But, because that's only my opinion, i've changed the board settings so that each registered user may choose for him- or her-self what look the board will have when he or she logs in.

the choices you have are:

1) prosilver: this is the new default setting. if you like the new look, you shouldn't have to do anything for the board to continue displaying like this. ***EDIT - now that i've checked it out more closely, it seems that registered users will have to follow the instructions below to change your user style to "prosilver" after logging in to keep the new style. ***
2) prosilver SE: this is the 'old' look. if you fear change ;) , or just like the way the board has looked in the past, you'll want to set your "board preferences" so that this is your user style. i'll explain how to do that below. ***EDIT - if you are a registered user, and don't even want to see the new default style before you log in, click the "log me in automatically each visit" button the next time you log in. this should keep your delicate sensibilities from being offended ***
3) subsilver: this third style gives a different look, and is used by many message boards/forums, so it may be familiar.
4) artodia mobile: if you want the mobile style to be how the board is laid out even when you're not on a mobile, but are logged in, you'll want to choose this style.

how to change your board 'style':

1) login and go to your "user control panel" (in the upper left, below the club logo)
2) click the "board preferences" tab
3) for "my board style", select your preferred forum look
4) hit the "submit" button

now, each time you log in your preferred forum 'style' should display. if you are not logged in, you should see the default (the 'new'/"prosilver" style) view, or the mobile view if you've browsed over from a phone, iPad or similar. if you prefer the new look, you may have to go to your 'board preferences' to set your 'my board style' to prosilver for it to display after you've logged in.

Main Site Change:

We've got a bit of a new look going on for the main website as well. Daniel Doss (Stubborn Puppet) whipped up some very nice new headers for each of the various tabs/pages, and the background color of the site got a change to "zazz" it up a bit- check it out!

thanks, and don't hesitate to ask questions or let me know what you're thoughts on the new look(s) are!
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