How about some help for the victims of the Joplin Tornado?

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How about some help for the victims of the Joplin Tornado?

Postby emptv on Thu Jun 02, 2011 2:34 pm

Disc Up,

Here is something going on that we should be helping with. :idea: Can the RCF organize a collection of $$ or gift cards (easy to store, as a lot of the buildings were hit)? Maybe @ events, or a charity event for Joplin disc golfers. Imagine, LAKERS, RCF, JCS, SICG, COVY, RIDGE RUNNERS, & all of the leagues donating together? WOW, then add SLIK, and Gateway, that would go a long way to helping out other disc golfers. Who knows where the next disaster is going to hit, if it happens here we would like help from the disc golf community, so lets lend a helping hand. :D :mrgreen:
:o These are from the Joplin site. :shock:

Joplin Tornado
We've received some news that one of our own, Uriah Johnson, is at a Springfield hospital in serious condition. He has swelling on his brain and internal bleeding. Right now, that is all we know on his condition but the update was from this morning. Please keep Uriah in your thoughts and prayers.

Others that have have had their house destroyed or at least damaged include Pat Wooley, The Davison Family (Michael and Isaac), and Zack Jones. Please let us know if there are any other disc golfers that will need help and assistance.

Finally, don't forget about the Disc Golf Monkey's raffle that was Saturday at the Lake Bella Vista Open, where the money raised will go to help the area disc golfers who were affected by the tornado. If you were unable to attend but would like to make a donation to your fellow disc golfers, contact the Disc Golf Monkey, information is on his website at, or contact the club.

Please keep all those affected in your thoughts and prayers as we all come together as a disc golf community.

There's now a link on our website to donate directly to the affected Joplin disc golfers.
JDGC Officers

Last night we received a $200 donation from an individual which directly goes to the disc golf families affected by the tornado. I've also been told the Disc Golf Monkey has received donations in larger amounts than this. It's truly amazing to see all the love and support in our community.

If you'd like to donate visit or for more information.

Fly long & prosper!
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