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Re: who dropped the ball

Postby REDARMY on Tue Apr 19, 2011 9:17 pm

Redman wrote:I truelly wish that I the former merchandise guy had something to do with it. I would ask everyone forgiveness for messing up a great thing. I heard that the president and a local sponsor went behind the vice presidents back to Bridgeton and they said no way because we could not come together as a club. I believe this because that is what I have seen done in the past. This is the sort of thing that made me walk away from the club disgusted. I just wish that all of the time that good people and volunteers put in wasn't waisted or basically flushed. I still believe that ALL of the money collected for this project by fund raisors or donations should be returned to the people who gave it.


ah hell, that's you Jim?

i figure between our age and, erm, size difference, people wouldn't be confusing us as much as you seem to be getting.

either way, i've had fun the times we've run into each other for laker rounds and such, hope we can continue to.

Are YOU the d-bag who swiped all four of the putters I left at White Birch?
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