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Postby TCBROWN on Sun Feb 13, 2011 8:21 pm

In the maybe 10 tourneys that I have played I have always really enjoyed the ones that ran smoothly, started on time and had a great atmosphere. I am one of the most competing people I know and the atmosphere of the tourney has nothing to do with how competitive the tourney is. I love the way Andy runs a tourney. I wish more TDs would adopt his format.
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Postby mkane on Mon Feb 14, 2011 7:38 pm

That is correct, the 2 dollar per player goes into the course improvement fund for the course. The rest of the entry fee is used for payout and rental fees(Perhaps Chris can expand on that), so pretty much I have not been able to touch any money due to the Earmarking and Iron Grip Of The Prez. (Club Members you have no idea how valuble your President Chris Kinsella has been in raising and keeping the money moving in a positive direction; be sure to thank him for the hours of work he puts in to move this club forward.)
Now in order raise more money, we have created 2 new avenues to generate payouts that also produce profits that can be used as cash added.

The 5 dollar CTP and 5 dollar 50-50 are the tools we have used in the ice bowl and now it is becoming a standard for upcoming club events. It is a separate charge, a stand alone, if you will, additional to the entry fee, but it enables us to have the sponsors provide, IMO some lucrative opportunities for the players to cash in while at the same time let's the players know who are sponsors are. Ten or so opportunities to win prizes that exceed your entry fee regardless of how you finish, created for the players who want to win stuff.
I have not looked at the numbers yet Magic, but I would not doubt that more than 25% of the attendees at the massacre went home with more than they spent if you look at the payout and the CTP winnings.
In addition we have taken food out of the equation, and now provide, for a nomonal cost, an exquisite tasty, homemade meal for the same price of McDeadMeats, without the cost of the gas and time to leave the park.
In addition these cash added tourneys will be mixing the Open players with the AM players in the first round to display for your own eyes why your score is so high and their score is so low - :lol:

We were toying with the idea of lowering the cost of tourneys but every penny we make goes back to the club so we can improve or expand holes, so we will keep the RCF events at 20 for now.

Finally, I can say we are tightening up all accounting areas that need to be tracked, Dave West and Chris have been working diligently to come up with spread sheets that explain the path of the cash. Members please rest assured that if I can't understand it, I am forcing the issue to make it more understandable....if you think the "Where's the money thread" was invasive you would shudder to hear some of the battles Chris and I have in private. But in the end Magic, Chris and I are not battling each other, we are trying to create a template that the next group of enthusiasts who run this club will be able to use to move us forward.

So in closing Magic, the 2 dollars as the rest of the 20 are spoken for to my satisfaction, and the need for more money to generate the revenue to add to payouts and build cash added has been the additional CTP's which are optional, so if you don't have the extra cash it is OK, but you can't win if you don't play 8-) .
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Postby xlforlife on Wed Feb 16, 2011 9:07 pm

is the only place to sign up for the c tiers going to be on this site? are we going to get a discount like in the past couple of years for signing up for both? also its says 30 for ams are we having advanced and rec pay the same to play?

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Postby discdoh on Thu Feb 17, 2011 3:18 pm

There is now a March C-Tier thread under the tournaments section. It has the finalized flyer posted. All questions should be directed to this link from here on out.

You can either sign up on the RCF website/proshop, at, or through any of the course captains. All pre-registered players will receive a disc and mini. There is not a discount for signing up for both tourneys, but the price has been lowered from last year to effectively make it the same price anyway. It just makes things simpler this way. The K.I.S.S. theory also applies to the universal cost across the board...same price for all AMS and same price for all PROS.

You do not need to be a current PDGA member to play, but there is a $10 surcharge if you are not. If you plan on playing in any other PDGA events this year (STLO comes to mind), now would be a good time to renew/join. You can do this through the River City Flyers PDGA Affiliate Program at our proshop and save a few bucks!
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