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Re: 2011 Membership List

Postby Chris K on Thu Oct 20, 2011 5:57 pm

1 thru 199 -- $4,865
200 thru 299 -- $2,360
300 thru 399 -- $2,245
400 thru 499 -- $2,068
500 thru 599 -- $1,153

Total -- $12,691

Expenses -- ($4,505)
Course Maintenance -- ($8,699)
Total -- ($13,204)
Balance -- ($513)

This is an overview of the money collected from our membership drive. The variance in each group reflects the optional disc purchase. The final group is a reflection of 2 variables; Limited memberships at $10 and unsold tags. We have 31 unsold tags (1 lost tag) and 39 Limited memberships for a total of 540 members for 2011. Even that number may change as some players may continue to buy 2011 tags/memberships.

The expenses are a combination of tag and disc costs, $4505, and course maintenance, $8699. The replacement cost of the stolen Unger baskets has not been included, $1600. The bulk of 2011 course maintenance expense has been the purchase of 18 new baskets for JB, $7000.

Throughout the year I asked for players to take on a course improvement project and present it to the board for approval. We, on the board, can not do it all and we rely on our members to help us spend the money we collect. Please consider improving a golf hole between now and the end of 2012. We will be happy to review your proposal and, if it is approved, underwrite the costs.
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